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  • Fachdidaktiken und kulturelle Bildung

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Fachdidaktiken und kulturelle Bildung

Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Fachdidaktiken und kulturelle Bildung ('Subject Didactics and Cultural Education')!

The members of this department share research interests in the area of linguistic, literary-aesthetic, artistic, cultural and media teaching-learning processes. Within the department, interdisciplinary networking of these research activities and in university didactic teaching is strived for. The linking thematic areas, in which current research projects are already located, include: Inclusion, the interfaces of in-school and out-of-school Arts Education, cross-curricular and interdisciplinary perspectives on school teaching, and an inter/transcultural and post-migrant understanding of Cultural Education.

This department provides the appropriate structure to support a corresponding interlocking in the aforementioned focal points as well as the development of further joint projects and to provide impulses for research methodological discourses. At the interface between research and teaching, the department also serves as a framework for higher education didactic networking, including in the form of interdisciplinary teaching events such as lecture series, research colloquia and interdisciplinary team teaching. In addition, an exchange on the potentials and challenges of the digitalisation of teaching and on international teaching cooperation is to be initiated.

Above all, however, the department is a lively platform where all members can contribute their ideas and find fellow campaigners for their implementation. In this sense, we look forward to impulses for productive cooperation in research and teaching of subject didactics and cultural education!


Departmental board

Spokesperson: Lotta König

Deputy spokesperson: Janina Reinhardt

Other members of the board: Katja Hoffmann, Lisa Schüler

Note: The last election of the board took place on 04 November 2022. However, we reserve the right to hold new elections within the current term of office. If you are interested in joining the board, please contact us.

Mission Statement

The Department of Fachdidaktiken und kulturelle Bildung ('Subject Didactics and Cultural Education') combines teaching and learning research in the subjects English, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Music and Art as well as German as a foreign/second language. The joint work is characterized by subject-specific and interdisciplinary approaches to didactic and pedagogical research, such as approaches to literature, culture, language and media didactics in different languages or the study of aesthetic learning processes.

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