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Information on the nursing service

As a student on the model degree programme in Medicine, you must complete a nursing service before the Course start or during the non-teaching periods(see § 6 of the Licensing Regulations for Doctors (ÄApprO 2002) and the Study and Examination Regulations for the model degree programme in Medicine at Bielefeld University dated 15 February 2021).

Proof of nursing service for 90 calendar days (3 calendar months) is a prerequisite for registration for the oral-practical examination of the First Medical Examination (5-I-M1).

If you have any questions in connection with the nursing service, please contact the Student Counselling Service or the Examination Office.

The nursing service can only be carried out on a bed-managing ward in a state or state-recognised hospital or a rehabilitation facility with a level of care comparable to that of a hospital.

We are guided by the information on the nursing service provided on the LPA website.

The nursing service comprises 90 calendar days and can be completed in up to three stages. Each section must comprise at least 30 consecutive calendar days. The exact calculation is based on calendar days. If the full number of calendar days are not completed for a selected section, the section cannot be credited.

The nursing service must also be performed full-time; unfortunately, part-time nursing services cannot be credited either.

Examples of the breakdown

90 calendar days

3 x 30 calendar days

2 x 45 calendar days

Other splits are also possible as long as the minimum period of 30 days is not exceeded, e.g. 31 and 59 calendar days, 32 and 58 calendar days, etc.


The nursing service or a section of the nursing service can be interrupted for a maximum of 7 sick days. In this case, you must complete the days of absence immediately after the original end of the internship, during the non-teaching period.

Recognition of the nursing service that you completed before the Course start is possible under the following conditions:

  • The periods of nursing service must be after the date on which you obtained your higher education entrance qualification. The date of the conference of the school that decided on the General Higher Education Entrance Qualification is decisive. You can start the creditable nursing service from the day after this date. In this case, please submit a certificate from the school confirming the date of the conference as proof. Any nursing service completed during the school period cannot be credited.


  • The nursing service must be completed all day.


  • The ÄApprO requires for the recognition of the nursing service that your activity fulfils the nursing activity characteristics in a bed-operating hospital.


  • Activities from the following areas can be recognised:

- a nursing activity in the medical service of the German Armed Forces or in comparable departments,

- a nursing activity as part of a voluntary social year in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Promotion of a Voluntary Social Year or in accordance with the provisions of the Youth Voluntary Service Act,

- a nursing activity as part of the Federal Voluntary Service in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Voluntary Service Act,

- a nursing activity as part of civilian service in accordance with the provisions of the Civilian Service Act,

- successfully completed training as a midwife or maternity nurse, as a paramedic, as an emergency paramedic, in nursing, paediatric nursing or geriatric nursing, as a nursing specialist and successfully completed training in nursing assistance or geriatric nursing assistance of at least one year's duration as regulated by state law.


  • Nursing service abroad can also be recognised.

Proof of the nursing service must be provided in the form of a certificate in accordance with the model in Annex 5 of the ÄApprO . The certificate must be signed and sealed by the head of the nursing service. If the nursing service is divided into several sections, a certificate must be issued for each section. The certificate may only be issued after completion of the nursing service; periods of nursing service beyond the date of issue cannot be recognised. The original certificate must be submitted.

Proof of nursing service in a rehabilitation centre with a nursing workload comparable to that of a hospital is provided by submitting a certificate from the rehabilitation centre. This certificate must provide evidence of the amount of nursing care required, both in terms of the department and the activity, which is comparable to that required in a hospital. This is always a case-by-case assessment that can only be finalised after the certificate has been submitted, taking into account the activities actually carried out.

Please submit proof of your nursing service (certificate of nursing service) to the Faculty's examination office for recognition. If you have completed the nursing service in several stages, please contact the examination office after you have received the certificates for all stages.

If you would like to have periods from previous training recognised, please submit the training certificate to the examination office. After the examination, you will receive a confirmation of the recognised periods for the nursing service via the BIS examination management.

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