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Examination moments and formats

Module examinations and study requirements / credits are completed within the modules. Detailed information on all examination and study requirements / credits that are part of the medical degree programme can be found in the examination regulations (see §12) and in the module guide.

Der Weg von der Straßenbahn zum Universitätshauptgebäude ist zu sehen, der über die Brücke führt.

At Bielefeld University, there is an unlimited retake option for all study requirements / credits, module examinations and partial module examinations. However, this principle does not apply to the First Medical Examination (Module 5-I-M1 First Medical Examination) after the fourth and after the sixth subject-related semester. Information on the admission and examination procedure for the First Medical Examination will be announced in good time. The second and third sections of the medical examination are also exempt from this regulation.

In principle, the respective examiners and the examination office assume that you will take examinations at the time scheduled in your degree programme. You will therefore be automatically registered for the upcoming examination. The registration procedure has no consequences under examination law, but is only for organisational purposes - with the exception of the first medical examination (M1).

First examination date

You are automatically registered for the first examination date for each compulsory examination of the respective semester. You can deregister from this examination via the electronic course catalogue (ekvv) up to one week before the examination date. Cancellation is controlled via your timetable by removing the corresponding document number from it.

If you need to deregister at short notice (after the deadline), please contact the examination office by email.

Repeat examination / re-examination

You must register independently for repeat examinations or re-examinations by clicking on the disc symbol in the "My eKVV" column. The corresponding examination date will then be saved in your timetable. The cancellation procedure is the same as for the first examination date. The voucher number can be removed from the timetable up to 1 week before the examination date at the latest. After this deadline, please contact the examination office.

Exception Introduction to Medical Studies module

It is not necessary to register for the oral-practical examination and the written examination in the Introduction to Medical Studies module. Those who did not take part in the first date or did not pass are automatically on the participation list for the re-examination date.

Overview of examination dates

On this page you will find the scheduled examination dates .

Failure to appear on the examination day

If you do not attend the examination date (e.g. due to illness) even though you have registered, there are no consequences under examination regulations. No failed attempt will be recorded for a no-show as long as you have not yet entered the examination room and the examination has not yet started (does not apply to the First Medical Examination!). For organisational reasons, however, we ask you to notify the Medical Examination Office (by email if you do not take an examination.

Attendance without registration

If you attend an examination date unannounced, you can take the examination provided that sufficient resources are available at the discretion of the examination supervisor or the examination coordinator (seat, tablet, time slot for oral-practical examination, etc.). If no resources are available, the examination must be taken on the next possible date.

The staff at the examination office will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


The transcript

  • Overview of credits by semester: to check whether credits from the previous semester have been posted, for an Erasmus application
  • Transcript of records by module: to check whether the module(s) has/have been completed
  • Semester transcript: for applications
  • Module transcript: for applications (change of university)
  • Interim transcript: Registration for M1, application for scholarship, application for appointment

We will be happy to advise you on which transcript you need for which purpose. Talk to us!


After the examinations have been assessed, the examiners forward the results to the examination office. The examination office takes the academic achievements and enters them in the students' personal transcripts. All passed and failed attempts are registered and are visible in the transcript. Failed attempts cannot be removed from the transcript.

On the BIS examination management home page, you can set up a function that triggers an email notification as soon as a new academic achievement is posted ("Activate notification of new achievements"). In this way, you will receive re-enrolment of your academic achievements as quickly as possible.

You can access the help page for working with your personal transcript here.

Information on the transcript in the BIS examination management system

The transcript is an overview of all study and examination achievements to date. It can be downloaded independently as a PDF file. It is the official document of Bielefeld University. The transcript is issued and handed out by the examination office. It is divided into semester, module and interim transcripts.

...provides a good overview of study and examination achievements, which are listed in chronological order. organised according to subjects and modules. Modules "frozen*" by the examination office Modules are displayed with credit points and module grade. Contains further information, such as the module title.


*Frozen modules are the modules that have been marked with a yellow lock in the transcript by the examination office. Further information on the transcript can be found under the links below.

Another type of transcript, the final transcript, is issued at the end of the programme.

Further information on the transcript of records and the transcript can be found here. only issued once per semester and determines the provisional overall grade and total number of credit points (only for a special reason, e.g. scholarship application, admission to M1).

Further links

Here you will find a small info sign for each module that leads directly to the respective page of the module guide. In the module guide, the requirements for completing the module are shown in table form and can be compared with the academic achievements recorded/completed.

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