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Research Seminar Theoretical Philosophy

The main forum of our research group is the “Research Seminar Theoretical Philosophy”. We meet biweekly during term, and about once a month during term break, to discuss papers contributed by participants or invited guests.

The papers are circulated in advance. If you have a marked interest in research in theoretical philosophy, you are welcome to join our sessions.

We meet in X-A4-113 on Tuesday evenings from 18:15 to about 20:30.

However, please do contact Prof. Nimtz beforehand.

Schedule for 04/2020 up to 09/2020



Fabian Hundertmark (Bielefeld): Trouble for Ahistorical Teleosemantics
28.14.2020 (9 am, live from Australia)

Rose Trappes (Bielefeld): Uniqueness and Biological Individuality


Philipp Haueis (Bielefeld): A generalized patchwork approach to scientific concepts (Ph.D. project)

12.05.2020 Ali Yasar (Berlin): The calibration problem for introspective science of consciousness
19.05.2020 Eva Schmidt (Dortmund): Pragmatic Encroachment with Reasons
02.06.2020 Julia Zakkou (Berlin): The Myth of Entailed Conversational Implicatures
24.06.2020 (Wednesday) Insa Lawler (UNC Greensboro): TBA
30.06.2020 Marcel Kertels (Bielefeld): TBA
07.07.2020 (canceled!) Romy Jaster and Sanja Dembic (Berlin): Addiction and Impaired Abilities
14.07.2020 Philippe Biermann (Bielefeld): Strangeness and Charm

Schedule for 10/2019 up to 03/2020



Christian Nimtz (Bielefeld): Gegen Überlegenheitsannahmen. Ein Kommentar zu Julia Zakkous Faultless Disagreement.

Alexander Steinberg (Bielefeld): In defense of Fregean that-clause semantics


Ali Yasar (Berlin): Introduction to Extrospecting The Mind (PhD project)

19.11.2019 Matti Eklund (Uppsala): Alien Structure
03.12.2019 Philippe Biermann (Bielefeld): Generalizing Evolutionary Debunking
17.12.2019 Christmas party
14.01.2020 Sebastiano Moruzzi (Bologna): Diaphonic Pluralism - How to be a Pluralist about to Disagreement

Schedule for 04/2019 up to 09/2019

02.04.2019 Steven Kindley (Bielefeld):
Dissertation chapter 5.3 (Problemfälle: Von Zufall, Messgeräten und Tumoren)
09.04.2019 Martin Fricke (Bielefeld):
Fernández on Transparency: Is the Bypass Procedure Compatible with Changes in Belief-Formation?
30.04.2019 Peter Schulte (Bielefeld):
The Nature of Perceptual Constancies
07.05.2019 Jim Pryor  (New York):
Prospective Justification and Suspended Judgment
21.05.2019 Ali Yasar (Berlin):
PhD Abstract
11.06.2019 Fabian Hundertmark (Bielefeld):
Explaining How to Perceive the New
18.06.2019 Sebastian Rand (Atlanta):
Hegel on the apriori
25.06.2019 Marcel Kertels (Bielefeld):
The Intensionality of Indicative Conditionals: A Reply to Williamson
02.07.2019 Lars Dänzer (Duisburg-Essen):
Bye Bye Blockhead
09.07.2019 Hans-Johann Glock (Zürich)):
Pluralism About Reasons for Action


Schedule for 10/2018 up to 03/2019

16.10.2018 Fabian Hundertmark & Steven Kindley (Bielefeld):
Making a Difference in Virtue Epsitemology
30.10.2018 Romy Jaster  (Berlin):
What is Fake News?
20.11.2018 Philipp Haueis (Bielefeld):
Humanities as conceptual practice
04.12.2018 Philippe Biermann  (Bielefeld):
Moral Convergence is Not Evidence for Moral Realism
11.12.2018 Hannah Altehenger  (Bielefeld):
Unorthodox Self-Control and the Divided Mind
18.12.2018 Christmas Party
15.01.2019 Insa Lawler  (Bochum):
Scientific Understanding and Felicitous Legitimate Falsehoods
23.01.2019 (Attention: Wednesday!) Marie Kaiser & Rose Trappes  (Bielefeld):
Reconceiving the Problem of Biological Individuality
29.01.2019 Lars Dänzer  (Duisburg-Essen):
Tacit Knowledge of Meaning Revisited


Schedule for 04/2018 up to 09/2018

10.04.2018 Juhani Yli-Vakkuri (Bielefeld):
Modal Epistemology
24.04.2018 Fabian Hundertmark  (Bielefeld):
Characterizing Contents with Natural Language
08.05.2018 Sergio De Souza Filho (London):
The dual proposal for the minimal conditions of intentionality
22.05.2018 Peter Schulte  (Bielefeld):
Intentional Explanations: Autonomy on the Cheap
05.06.2018 Kenneth Williford  (Arlington, TX):
The Projective Consciousness Model, the Hard Problem, and Phenomenal Selfhood
12.06.2018 Miguel Hoeltje  (Duisburg-Essen):
Show and Tell. Today: Semantic Theories
19.06.2018 Lars Dänzer  (Duisburg-Essen):
The Personal-Subpersonal Distinction Revisited
03.07.2018 Steven Kindley  and  Fabian Hundertmark  (Bielefeld):
Making a Difference for Virtue Epistemology


Schedule for 10/2017 up to 03/2018

10.10.2017 Alexander Steinberg (Bielefeld):
How to properly lose direction
17.10.2017 Christian Nimtz (Bielefeld):
Forget Generalized Rigidity
07.11.2017 Juhani Yli-Vakkuri (Bielefeld):
Modals and Conditionals are Ambiguous
21.11.2017 Fabian Hundertmark (Bielefeld):
Dispositional Teleosemantics
28.11.2017 Christian Nimtz  (Bielefeld):
Why Rigidity (Most Probably) Cannot Be Generalized
16.01.2018 Lars Dänzer  (Duisburg-Essen):
Tacit Knowledge and the Personal-Subpersonal Distinction
30.01.2018 Steven Kindley  (Bielefeld):
Fähigkeiten, Charaktertugenden und anspruchsvolles Wissen


Schedule for 04/2017 up to 09/2017

18.04.2017 Fabian Hundertmark  (Bielefeld):
Etiological Teleosemantics
02.05.2017 Christian Nimtz  (Bielefeld):
Paradigm Terms and Scientific Identifications. How Science and Semantics Settle the Issue of Natural Kind Essentialism
09.05.2017 Mark Textor  (London):
From Correct Judgement to True Content: Brentano’s Take on Truth
23.05.2017 Lars Dänzer  (Duisburg-Essen):
Tacit Knowledge: A Superficialist Account
30.05.2017 Peter Schulte  (Bielefeld):
Willensfreiheit als philosophisches Problem
06.06.2017 Inga Bones  (Erlangen-Nürnberg):
Contextualist Treatments of the Sorites Paradox
20.06.2017 Beate Krickel  (Bochum):
Phenomena in the Life Sciences
27.06.2017 Steven Kindley  (Bielefeld):
Die Tugendverlässlichkeitstheorie als Theorie des Wissens
04.07.2017 Ansgar Beckermann  (Bielefeld) and Romy Jaster (Berlin):
Fähigkeitsbasierte Freiheitstheorien und das Problem des Determinismus
25.07.2017 Insa Lawler  (Duisburg-Essen):
Knowing Why and Explanatory Knowing How


Schedule for 10/2016 up to 03/2017

18.10.2016 Andrea Kruse (Osnabrück):
Epistemischer Konsequentialismus
08.11.2016 Peter Schulte (Bielefeld):
Perceptual Constancies: A Naturalistic Account
15.11.2016 Fabian Hundertmark (Bielefeld):
What is Teleosemantics?
29.11.2016 Steven Kindley (Bielefeld):
Die traditionelle Erkenntnistheorie und ihre Herausforderer
06.12.2016 Lars Dänzer (Duisburg-Essen):
On "Rational Reconstruction" in Pragmatics
13.12.2016 Jens Kipper (Köln):
When Lingens Meets Frege – Communication without Common Ground
21.12.2016 Peter Fritz (Oslo):
The Consistency of Structured Propositions
10.01.2017 Marie Kaiser (Bielefeld):
ENCODE and the Parthood-Question
24.01.2017 Inga Bones (Bielefeld):
Contextualist Treatments of the Sorites Paradox
07.02.2017 Insa Lawler (Duisburg-Essen):
Is Knowledge-Why Gradable?
28.03.2017 Ansgar Beckermann  (Bielefeld):


Schedule for 04/2016 up to 09/2016

26.04.16 Lars Dänzer  (Duisburg-Essen):
Semantics, Pragmatics and the Explanation of Utterance Interpretation
10.05.16 Steven Kindley  (Bielefeld):
John Grecos Tugenderkenntnistheorie - Wissen als Errungenschaft
07.06.16 Fabian Hundertmark  (Bielefeld):
The Epistemic Argument for Naturalism

Kit Fine  (New York):
Workshop on Truthmaker Semantics


28.06.16 Romy Jaster  (Berlin):
Can and Can't - A Paradox of Time Travel Revisited
05.07.16 Peter Schulte  (Bielefeld/Zürich):
Willensfreiheit und Aufmerksamkeit bei Descartes
19.07.16 Insa Lawler  (Duisburg-Essen):
How do idealizing models provide understanding-why?
30.08.16 Wolfgang Schwarz  (Edinburgh):
Semantic Possibility
19.09.16 Christian Nimtz  (Bielefeld):
Armchair Speculation and Contingent Truths in the Philosophy of Mind


Schedule for 09/2015 up to 03/2016

5.10.15 Steven Kindley (Bielefeld):
Epistemische Normativität
20.10.15 Christian Nimtz (Bielefeld):
Two-Dimensional Semantics
10.11.15 Massimo Carrara (Padua) & Vittorio Morato (Padua):
Semantic and Epistemic Compatibilism
24.11.15 Peter Schulte (Bielefeld/Zürich):
Implications for the Content Question
8.12.15 Romy Jaster (HU Berlin):
The Success View Extended - Non-Agentive Abilities
22.12.15 Anna Nuspliger (Osnabrück):
Hirsch's Characterization of Verbal Disputes
12.1.16 Fabian Hundertmark (Bielefeld):
Contents, Directions of Fit, Representationalism and Naturalized Semantics
26.1.16 Almut v. Wedelstaedt (Bielefeld):
Natürliche Moralbegründungen
9.2.16 David Löwenstein (Münster):
What is a Regress Objection?


Schedule for 03/2015 up to 07/2015

18.3.15 Steven Kindley  (Bielefeld):
Virtue Epistemology and Cases of Environmental Epistemic Luck

Tim  Henning  (Stuttgart):
Belief Claims and the Puzzle of Transparency
26.3.15 Insa Lawler  (Duisburg-Essen):
Knowledge Why

Peter Schulte  (Bielefeld):
Tackling the Status Question
7.4.15 Fabian Hundertmark  (Bielefeld):
Misrepresentations and Productivity in Teleosemantics
21.4.15 Lars Dänzer  (Duisburg-Essen):
Utterance Understanding and Belief Revisited
5.5.15 Peter Schulte  (Bielefeld):
Tackling the Status Question
19.5.15 Romy Jaster  (HU Berlin):
The Success View of Abilities
2.6.15 Marcus Kracht  (Bielefeld):
Using Each Other’s Words
16.6.15 Christian Nimtz  (Bielefeld):
Modal Pessimism Defused
30.6.15 Brian McLaughlin  (Rutgers):
Could an Android Be Conscious?
14.7.15 Daniel Milne-Plückebaum  (Bielefeld):
Modal Meinongianism


Schedule for 08/2014 up to 02/2015

26.8.14 Peter Schulte (Bielefeld)
Teleological Theorie - Input-Orientied Approaches
9.9.14 Christian Nimtz (Bielefeld)
Kripkeanism Deflated? Natural Kind Predicates, Reference and Necessity, Again
14.10.14 Insa Lawler (Duisburg-Essen)
David Lewis on Non-Declarative Sentences: Setting the Record Straight
28.10.14 Romy Jaster (HU Berlin):
4.11.14 Insa Lawler (Duisburg-Essen)
Lewis II
18.11.14 Lars Dänzer (Duisburg-Essen)
Towards a rational reconstruction of thought experimenting(Canberra-style)
2.12.14 Wolfgang Schwarz (Bielefeld)
Decision Theory for Non-Consequentialists
16.12.15 Hanjo Glock (UZH Zürich / Bochum)
Is language specifically human? Animal language research and criteria of languagehood
13.1.15 Peter Schulte (Bielefeld)
Intentional Explanations
20.1.15 Discussion: Goals (with Katharina Rohlfing)
3.2.15 Herrmann Witzel (Bielefeld)


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