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Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholar

Duration of the stay:

  • May 19th – June 11th 2017
  • August 24th – September 9th 2017
  • October 14th – 21st 2017
  • June 3rd – 25th 2018

Prof. Dr. Ing. Katrin Solveig Lohan



Visiting Scholar

Duration of the stay: September 18th – 22nd 2017

Prof. Jahna Otterbacher


Visiting Scholar

Duration of stay: June 11th - July 12th 2015

Research interests

With more technological advances, social robots are becoming not only possible but likely additions to daily lives to help with tasks as diverse as cooking, tutoring, and even driving. My research involves testing when humans perceive minimalistic robots as social entities.
Furthermore, with the proliferation of everyday applications of robots in our future, we can expect people to come into contact with multiple robots simultaneously – which may drastically change human-robot interaction styles. In my research, I study inter-group human-robot interaction from a social psychological perspective. This research will help designers produce robots that people will enjoy interacting with, in order to better aid people in their everyday lives.

Marlena Fraune


Visiting Scholar

Duration of stay: April 19th - July 15th 2017

Research interests

  • HAI(Human-Agent Interaction)
  • Social Psychology

About me

I am in my third year of a Ph. D. in Engineering Science, under the supervision of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro at Osaka University, JAPAN.  My main research is to investigate an impact of huggable humanlike communication media on human communication. I came here to investigate the effects of my research in german samples by doing a study in Germanym, as well as through  discussion with specialists of Social Psychology. I hope that this research may one day assist in human communication and understanding Social Psychology.

Junya Nakanishi


Visiting Scholar

Duration of stay: August 31st - November 11th 2015

Research Interest

  • Sexual Objectification
  • Sexual Violence
  • Gender Violence
  • Sexism
  • Harassment

My research focuses on gender discrimination and the most subtle ways of gender violence. I integrate the Sexual Objectification Theory (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997) and the Ambivalent Sexism Theory (Glick and Fiske, 1996) to explore the effects of sexual objectification encounters in legitimizing sexist ideologies.
One of my research lines is to analyze the power felt by women during sexually objectifying interactions as a tool to maintain women’s status quo and their disadvantaged social position.
Another line of research is to explore the reason why men sexually objectify women, and to examine the relationship between interpersonal and ideology variables and sexual objectification perpetration.
Moreover, I explore the sexual objectification phenomenon across different countries analyzing the importance of cultural factors in the sexual objectification phenomenon.

My lab website: http://psd-gepopre.ugr.es/datos_inicio/

Gemma Sáez Díaz


Visiting Scholar

Duration of stay: August 3rd - September 27th 2015

About Me

I am in my third year of a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, under the supervision of Professor Nick Haslam at the Uuniversity of Melbourne. I have previously completed a combined Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne. My research interests lie in objectification and dehumanization. I plan to examine the relationship between masculine norms, objectification, and gendered violence for her Ph.D. thesis. I hope that this research may one day assist in developing policy and interventions for victims of gendered violence.

Michelle Stratemeyer