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  • Individual Course Addition

    in the Bachelor Psychology

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Individual Course Addition

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Under this link you will find general information on the Individual Course Addition Area at Bielefeld University.

The Individual Course Addition Area can be designed differently by you:

  • It is not important to you that the courses you have attended are also listed in your Transcript of Records: In this case, you attend those courses at Bielefeld University that interest you - you can draw on all subject areas. You should note down for yourself which courses you have attended for the elective area.
  • It is important to you that the courses you attend are listed on your Transcript of Records: In this case, you can also attend all courses at the university, but it is important that these are linked to a course credit or a module examination and that you actually complete this type of credit. You can find out whether this is the case from the eKVV and the module description. It is also possible to complete an entire module for the elective area.

In the following, you will be shown the possibilities of which courses you can attend in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science, in the individual course addition area. These recommendations are not binding. They are for orientation purposes only. In any case, the regulations for the Individual Supplement of the core faculty must be observed. You will find these regulations in your respective FsB.

Recommendation for subject-specific students
  • 27-IndiErg in the Psychology profile comprises 10 LP
  • 27-IndiErg in the profile Psychotherapy comprises 5 LP

If you would like to take part of the Individual Course Addition Area or your complete Individual Course Addition Area in the field of psychology, we recommend the following:

The module "Additional Courses for the Psychology/Psychotherapy Profile" bundles courses from the Department of Psychology that are not part of the core curriculum.

The module also makes it possible to complete coursework and an examination in these courses so that they are visible in the Transcript of Records.

For more information, please refer to the module description.

For non-specialist students who want to get a first insight into the field of psychology, we recommend the following:

Due to the severely limited capacities of the Psychology Department's courses, it is strongly recommended to contact the relevant lecturers in advance.

Here you can find the current offer for the Individual Course Addition Area of Psychology. Participation in the courses cannot be guaranteed for the above-mentioned capacity reasons.

Lectures in the basic subjects can be attended in consultation with the lecturer without having to perform, but will then not appear by name in your transcript. Here, too, participation in the lectures cannot be guaranteed for the capacity reasons stated.

Basic subjects are:

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