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  • M.Sc. Applied Psychology

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Academic Advising Center Psychology

Yasemin Öztürk, M.Sc. Psych.

Dr. Stefanie Riedel, Dipl. Psych.

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​Important documents for the study program

Subject-specific regulations (FsB)

Module Catalog

MSc Applied Psychology: Diagnostics, Counseling and Training

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In the Master's program in Applied Psychology, prospective psychologists receive professional, methodological and practical training that ideally prepares them for a wide range of activities in the organizational and educational sector as well as for further academic qualification.

The program combines the psychological application subjects of educational psychology and industrial and organizational psychology in an innovative way and prepares our students ideally for the constantly changing demands of the working world.

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More information about the study program

In its conception, the study program aims to demonstrate the value of scientific theories, findings and research methods for a professional shaping of practice and to make it possible to experience this in the implementation of one's own study projects.

Our competence-oriented approach to study imparts both general key qualifications and specialist psychological key competences. It thus creates the basis for evidence-based psychological action in various professional fields such as school psychology, counseling centers, university didactics, personnel selection, or vocational training and continuing education in companies.

In our four-semester degree program (120 credit points), we place a great deal of emphasis - in keeping with the name - on teaching application-oriented, practical professional skills.

Therefore, after an introduction to the three thematic strands (educational psychology, work, organizational and social psychology, and training and continuing education), students will independently plan and implement practice-oriented projects or projects on issues from current research starting in the second semester. In doing so, they are guided and supported by experienced teachers. The students' methodological training is also consolidated and deepened in various events during the first year of study.

The process of finding a topic for the master's thesis is already started in the third semester, so that students have sufficient time in the fourth semester to write and prepare their thesis.

Here you can find more information about the module contents and the structure of the study program.

The practice-oriented project modules form the core of our degree program. Students choose two focal points from the three specialization options according to their interests. Within the project modules, content is developed theoretically and tested practically over the course of two semesters.

We offer our students the following three specialization options to choose from:

Pedagogical and Educational Psychology: The main content is the in-depth examination of diagnostics and counseling as well as individual support in the school context.

Industrial, Organizational and Social Psychology: The focus is on the application of aptitude diagnostics for personnel selection and development, the design of sustainable work environments in an organizational context, or topics such as robotics and gender research.

Training and continuing education: The target group-oriented planning, organization and implementation of internal and external group interventions in the educational and organizational context are taught and tested.

Students also have the opportunity to take interest-based seminars at other points in the program. Click here for more information on the structure and elective options.

A total of 30 study places are offered per cohort. The program can only be taken up in the winter semester.

The admission requirements for the MSc Applied Psychology are:

  • a Bachelor's degree in psychology
  • participation in the program's own online self-assessment (OSA)
  • the bachelor's degree grade as well as acquired competencies in the following areas are taken into account:
    • Competencies in methodology and statistics
    • Competencies in empirical-experimental psychological research
    • Competencies in psychological diagnostics
    • Competencies in differential psychology
    • Competences in professional practice, proven by relevant psychological activities
    • Competences in educational psychology
    • Competencies in industrial and organizational psychology

Further information can be found in the subject-specific regulations (FsB) of the study program. The application procedure takes place via the online application portal of Bielefeld University:

Here you can find more information about the admission requirements and the admission procedure. You can find more information about our OSA here. 

Our graduates find their fields of work both in educational practice, such as school psychology, in educational or counseling centers, as well as in companies and organizations in the economic context. Here, for example, positions in personnel selection and development can be started as well as in areas of future-oriented workplace and organizational design. Potential employers can be private and public institutions as well as organizations from all sectors, although many graduates also wish and choose to work independently.

A doctorate is of particular interest to students who wish to pursue an academic career after completing their Master's degree. The Applied Psychology program therefore also prepares the basis for this further qualification and career path.

The Faculty of Psychology and Sport Sciences promotes further scientific qualification and offers suitable applicants optimal conditions to follow their own research interests. The corresponding positions for research assistants are regularly advertised at the university. Here you can find further information on doctoral studies

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