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Bielefeld University’s research magazine

BI.research, Bielefeld University’s research magazine, reports on the University’s academic foci in a generally understandable manner. It is aimed at academics as well as journalists, at current and former members of the University as well as at decision-makers in politics, business, academia, and administration.

This bilingual German-English magazine appears twice a year.

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The current issue

50 Years of Bielefeld University

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To mark the anniversary, BI.research takes a look at how Bielefeld University – founded in 1969 as a reform university – maintains its innovative spirit and masters today’s challenges. The dossier on the title theme also includes the views of those responsible for the three founding faculties. Bielefeld University is focusing on the future – on new, courageous ideas: its academics are presenting a public anniversary project in the city from the field of psychology, they are exploring the challenges of inclusion, and they are dealing with the European Union as a project for peace in times of Brexit.



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Whether we nurse family members, carry out social work and teach, or engage in business, work concerns each and every one of us and shapes our society decisively. With its Science Year 2018, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is also encouraging us to look at the working worlds of the future. In recent years, the topic of "work" has become an increasingly important field of research at Bielefeld University. The current issue of Bi.research, Bielefeld University's own research magazine, focuses on the research that scientists at Bielefeld University are carrying out in this field.

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