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Bielefeld Center for Data Science (BiCDaS)

BiCDaS is a horizontal institution developing Data Science at Bielefeld University and beyond.

It was founded to pool research and teaching activities related to Data Science throughout and beyond Bielefeld University. It serves as a focal point for academics who enjoy exchange regarding new challenges, ideas, and solutions in the field of data science.


At BiCDaS, Data Science is considered an interdisciplinary field of knowledge and a holistic approach to a phenomenon pervading science: the increasing ubiquity of data.


Programming Languages in Data Science

Talk by Prof Bates, statistician, core-developer of R, Julia developer


DataLab DH

We have established our second DataLab: The DataLab Digital Humanities.

Data Literacy Education

The consortium of Bielefeld University, University of Paderborn and FH Bielefeld receive three years funding to advance Data Literacy Education


Our first DataLab

The first instance of our new, agile cooperation format has been initiated: The DataLab High Performance Computing and Advanced Simulation

More on DataLabs

UBi part of Data Literacy Education Network

Bielefeld University is now part of the national Data Literacy Education Network by DATEV foundation.


FPGA-based parallel computing device
Foto: © AG Kognitronik und Sensorik

BiCDaS coordinates and supports Data Science research throughout Bielefeld University. One central instrument are our new, agile, cross-faculty research collaborations, called DataLabs.

voller Hörsaal
Foto: © Sensay

BiCDaS supports instructions in Data Science and Data Literacy at Bielefeld University. Knowledge about data and how to properly handle it will be key skills in the near future.