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Working Paper Series

The BGHS Working Paper Series (WPS) pursues two goals: First, it offers BGHS doctoral students a low-threshold opportunity to publish their first academic texts. Secondly, texts on the topics of young researchers, science and higher education are published here. The publication is open access. Further information and tips for authors can be found at the bottom of the page.

We are always happy to receive contributions!

BGHS Working Papers


The BGHS Working Paper Series (WPS) offers an Open Access platform for the publication of scientific papers as well as articles on science and higher education in English or German. Each contribution must meet academic standards with regard to originality, consistency of style and language, and references. As a rule, working papers may not contain contributions that have been published elsewhere or that have been considered for publication. A working paper may be subsequently extended or modified to be published later as part of the author's dissertation or for an article submitted to another academic journal; formal approval by the WPS is not required. Authors are expected to name the WPS as the original editor. It is the authors' responsibility to consider the doctoral regulations of their respective department/faculty before submitting their working paper to the WPS.

WPS contributions are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivative Works 4.0 International (CC BY NC ND). Further information can be found at: and

 Each working paper accepted for publication in the WPS will receive a URN number, will be published in the central repository of Bielefeld University (PUB) and can be accessed via the BGHS homepage.

Review Process

Each paper submitted is reviewed by the editorial team. In some cases the papers might be reviewed by external reviewers. A revision of the paper might be requested.

Instructions for Authors

All manuscripts must be submitted in either English or German. English papers may use either American or British spelling, as long as they are consistent throughout. Submissions are expected to fall within the range of 5,000-10,000 words, including notes and references. Please use consecutively numbered footnotes at the bottom of the page..

Generally speaking, references should be in the form of in-text citation, whereas explanatory footnotes can be used for longer, complementary information on the point in question. As an interdisciplinary publication series, the WPS does not specify a standard reference style (for example Chicago Manual of Style or Harvard Style). However, authors are advised to follow a recognized style throughout the manuscript.

Submissions should include the following information:

  • A title page including author's full name and contact details

  • Institutional affiliation, if the author has others beside BHGS

  • A clearly written English language abstract of max. 200 words

  •  5-7 keywords

  • A word count of the article


Please send your manuscript in Word format as an E-Mail attachment to our editorial address:

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