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BGTS Doctoral Day 2018

The BGTS doctoral day 2018 took place on October 19, 2018, from 12:00 to 18:00 in T2-205.

Speaker Faculty Title
Severin Reissl Economics Monetary policy and prudential regulations in an hybrid AB-SFC model with hereogeneous expectations
Christian Döding Mathematics Nonlinear stability and computation of traveling oscillating waves in parabolic PDEs
Felix Zisché Physics Approaching the sign problem in lattice field theories with complex geometry

Mariya Mitkova

Economics Professional carees, promotions and organizational hierachies in frictional labour market
Sebastian Eckert Mathematics Approaching tame and wild structures using a quiver and some arrows
Patric Hölscher Physics Alternatives to general relativity
Jodi Dianetti Economics Stochastic games of monotone follower type: existence and approximation of Nash equilibria
Chengcheng Ling Mathematics Non-explosion of solutions to SDEs with singular coefficients
Lars Künkel Physics Using artificial intelligence to detect pulsars

Evening program

After the talks we've had a cooking evening at the gallery Freiraum 237 and spend an enjoyable evening together.

Program committee

Marc Klegrewe, Dirk Kohlweyer, Peter Kuchling

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