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BGTS Doctoral Day 2023

Programme of the 2023 Doctoral Day

The BGTS Doctoral Day 2023 is scheduled to take place 6 October at UHG V2-210/16.

Please register at the eKVV.


Jondalar Kuß (Physics): The Dark Side of the Universe
Houda Yaqine (Economics): Capturing Household-level Dynamics in SDE models of Infectious Disease Transmission
Alexandros Galanakis (Mathematics): The dearest dream of Kronecker’s youth

Alessandro Sgarabottolo (Economics): Discrete approximation of risk-based pricing under uncertainty

Lars Bügemannskemper (Mathematics): Zeta functions of groups

Frederic Klette (Physics): Cloud chamber

Ioannis Tzouanas (Mathematics/IMW): Mean-Field Games and the Mexican Wave
Rasmus Nielsen (Physics): Solitons and Topology in Field Theory
Jonas Bauer (Economics): Estimating the number of clusters with Dirichlet process mixture models

Panel: Paths after the PhD

Isabel Oldengott – Postdoctoral Researcher,
Melissa Pahl – SAP consultant,
Christian Vieth (tbc) – Analytics & Consulting,
also featuring Roda Niebergall (Career Service)

If you want to join for the social dinner afterwards, please indicate this here. This helps us plan booking a table at a restaurant etc.

Programme and organisation committee

Linus Behn, Felix Dammann, Sebastian Eckert, Eduardo Garnacho

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