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  • Bielefeld Center for Data Science

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Bielefeld Center for Data Science (BiCDaS)


  • Workshop on Data Literacy at the University:Future Festival 2024

    The workshop "Data Discovery: Gemeinsam die Welt der Datenkompetenzen erkunden" at the University:Future Festival 24 offers the opportunity to delve into the world of data literacy and to get to know an innovative evaluation concept for university teaching. The concept was developed in cooperation with various universities as part of the working group on data literacy of the Stifterverband, in which the Bielefeld Center for Data Science and its managing director Dr. Katharina Weiß are also involved. The workshop is aimed at anyone interested in higher education evaluation and data literacy. The methods presented are not only applicable to data literacy, but can also be transferred to other subject areas. In addition, participants will get a compact overview of key areas of expertise in modern data literacy courses, such as data analysis, critical thinking and ethical use of data.


  • Successful Workshop: Data Storytelling

    The workshop of BiCDaS and AE06 - Psychological Methods and Evaluation “Mit Daten Geschichten erzählen: Data Storytelling als Ansatz um Datenanalyseergebnisse adressat:innengerecht zu kommunizieren” during the Faculty of Psychology and Sport's Reading and Excursion Week was a complete success. Participants were able to learn the basics of data storytelling, such as how to combine data, visualisations and stories to communicate important issues such as the climate crisis or the coronavirus pandemic in an understandable way. A practical element of the programme was the use of Jupyter notebooks in R for various visualisation methods such as word clouds. For the participants, this was a valuable step towards targeted data communication.


  • New data lab for sustainability and climate change launched

    A new data lab "Bi DataLab Sustainability and Climate Change" has been founded at Bielefeld University at the Bielefeld Centre for Data Science. Data labs represent an agile approach to (internal) research collaboration, characterised by a thematic focus and a clear needs-driven orientation. The newly founded DataLab Sustainability and Climate Change at BiCDaS invites researchers at Bielefeld University working on sustainability, climate change and environmental protection to the Sustainability Networking Workshop on 7 June from 9 am to 2 pm. During the workshop - after a session of short (approx. 5 min) spotlight presentations - groups of researchers with similar research interests will come together with the aim of networking and thus making a more effective joint contribution to sustainability, e.g. by attracting third party funding for research projects. Interested researchers can register at Please include a brief note on the sustainability relevance of your own research and whether you are interested in submitting a Spotlight contribution.


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BiCDaS is a horizontal institution developing Data Science at Bielefeld University and beyond.

It was founded to pool research and teaching activities related to Data Science throughout and beyond Bielefeld University. It serves as a focal point for academics who enjoy exchange regarding new challenges, ideas, and solutions in the field of data science.


At BiCDaS, Data Science is considered an interdisciplinary field of knowledge and a holistic approach to a phenomenon pervading science: the increasing ubiquity of data.

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Unlocking interdisciplinary data potentials with partners throughout Bielefeld University.

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