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  • Accident insurance

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Accident insurance

When taking part in university sports, students at Bielefeld University and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences are covered by statutory accident insurance under certain conditions (§2 Para. 3 no. 8c of the Seventh Volume of the German Welfare Code (SGB VII). The sport/activity must have the character of an official University sporting event, or be organised by the University itself or a University-related organization (AStA – student union) under the supervision of an appointed training instructor.


The accident insurance covers the sporting activities themselves, preparatory tasks, and the journey to and from the sporting facilities. Sporting activities carried out independently of the organised sports programme using the campus sports facilities (e.g. self-organised team sports, self-organised tennis and independent training) as well as competitive sport in University teams or other sporting associations are not covered by accident insurance.


Only students who are enrolled onto programmes culminating in an academic degree are deemed students as defined by law. Course participants preparing for admission to higher education (e.g. German courses), attending courses during the holidays and occasional students are not classed as students.


It is also a prerequisite for statutory accident insurance cover that the student is properly enrolled, and attends the university for the purpose of engaging seriously in education and training, even if not necessarily related to a profession. As a rule, enrolment on its own or attending a lecture now and then does not fulfil these requirements.

Members of staff taking part in university sports are insured only if these sports are conducive to the specific ideas and aims of workplace sport (to be of a compensatory nature, take place on a regular basis, that the organization and participants relate to the University as workplace, that the sporting activity should be non-competitive). Those engaging in workplace sports are insured, then, if the sport has a compensatory and not a competitive character, if it takes place on a regular basis, if the group of participants is essentially limited to the employees of the University, if the time and duration of the exercise serve a compensatory function in relation to the University’s work demands and if the sporting activity is structured relative to the workplace.

As a rule, occasional students are not entitled to statutory accident insurance.

Angehörige sind grundsätzlich nicht zusätzlich gesetzlich unfallversichert.

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