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FAQ- frequently asked questions

University Sports Service Bielefeld and Corona

During the COVID-19 pandemic, special safely and hygiene rules apply that must be observed. These are set out in our conditions of participation and displayed on notice boards throughout our sports facilities. You can find all relevant information on entering and using the sports facilities in the rules on conduct and hygiene. Adherence to these regulations is a prerequisite for taking part in the University Sport programme. You must follow the instructions of the course leaders and staff. Failure to comply with the rules may lead to exclusion from the course.

Yes, registration is still compulsory for all sports courses. Since we have had to greatly reduce the number of places on the courses due to the pandemic, it is necessary to register on a weekly basis for most courses. This is to allow more people to access the course. You must bring the confirmation of registration along with you to the class either digitally or as a printout and present it to the course instructor when entering the sports facility. You may not participate in the course without prior registration.

It is also mandatory to register in this case. The names of all player must be submitted on booking. You must leave the court promptly when your time is up.


Tennis courts. A maximum of four people are allowed on a tennis court. One person books the court and fills out the form with the names of the participants. You can find the list as a writable PDF document in the course description. You must either hand in a hard copy of the list in advance to the hall attendants, or alternatively you may send the list by email to These lists are necessary for contact tracing in the event of an infection. These lists will be destroyed/deleted after four weeks.

You can use the changing rooms, showers and toilets in the university sports hall. You must wear a mask (medical mask or FFP-2). The one-way rule has been lifted in both sports facilities.


We strongly recommend that you come to the courses in sports attire and only use the changing rooms if there is no other option.

Booking individual dates:

For course structures in which individual sessions do not build on each other, or only to a small extent, the course must be booked on a weekly basis. You must select the upcoming class date when booking. As soon as the session date has elapsed, then the new class date can be booked. As we have had to greatly reduce the number of course places available, we would ask that you only register if you are absolutely sure you would like to participate. If you have registered, but are unable to attend, you can cancel the booking yourself (only applies to free courses). To cancel, please follow the link you will find in the booking confirmation sent to you.


Block booking


Courses in which activities are structured to build on each other in consecutive sessions can be booked as a block. This means that the courses run over a certain period of time and then a new course starts. We try to arrange the courses so that each class takes place on a regular basis and at the same time each week. Please only book these courses if you can attend all classes (or 90 % of them). If you are no longer able to take part in a course you have booked, then please cancel via the link sent to you in the booking confirmation or contact the University Sports office.


Can you please clarify this from the original. ‘Wir versuchen die einzelnen Kurszeiträume möglichst gleich zu gestalten’. I am not sure what is meant by ‘gleich’. ‘Gleich’ in comparison to? ‘Does it mean Uni Sports tries to stick to certain timings or number of weeks - but I am not sure?

It is currently not possible to book a self-organised group onto our facilities. We cannot predict at this time when this will become possible again.

For reasons of hygiene, we are not able to currently provide gloves (e.g. for boxing or baseball). The same applies to yoga mats.


Please bring your own equipment.

In the event that you test positive for Covid-19, you must immediately report to a central office set up by the University for this purpose via this email:


If you have any questions, please contact the University Sports team who will be happy to help and advise you.

Questions about registration

The following status groups may participate in University Sports:


  • students of the University and FH Bielefeld
  • staff of the University and FH Bielefeld
  • occasional students
  • members (alumni/former staff) of Bielefeld University


Further information can be found hier

For students, most of the courses offered in the University Sports programme are free of charge. Only a few, select courses, which are more costly to run require a small contribution and are marked accordingly in the programme. For other status groups, additional fees may apply (siehe Teilnahmebedingungen). In addition to the fees mentioned here, occasional students must pay a semester fee of €100 for membership to the University Sports. For more information on enrolment and associated fees please go to the homepage of the StudierendensekretariatStudierendensekretariats.



You must register online for all University Sports courses (including free courses)! We open registration a few days before the start of the respective programme. Information on registration start times, please visit our website and Facebook.

Besides being eligible to access University Sports, you must be able to provide an email address, give authorisation for a direct debit mandate for courses that incur a fee, as well as have Adobe Reader or an alternative PDF reader installed on your device.


How to register online:


  1. First select an activity/class from the current sports programme and then click on the green “Book” button.
  2. Fill out the online registration form with your details.
  3. Then click on the ‘register’ button to make your booking binding. Your data will be transmitted to us in an encrypted and secure form.
  4. You will receive a confirmation of registration, which you must be ready to show in printed or electronic form each time you attend a course session.
  5. Payment is made by direct debit mandate, which must be submitted to Bielefeld University as part of the online registration.

To maintain our high-quality sports service, we need to set a limit on the maximum number of participants in each course. To ensure that no more participants attend than the maximum number of places available, registration is necessary. We are also able to react to popular demand, and expand courses that are highly sought after (see question on booked-out courses / waiting list).  

If you are unable to register online or do not wish to do so, you can register at the University Sports office. You can only register in person once the online booking has gone live and during the opening hours of the University Sports office.


To register in person, you must bring your ID (Student ID, staff ID, occasional student ID) as well as bank details for the direct debit mandate. In exceptional cases, a proxy can carry out the registration on your behalf. No more than one other person may be registered by the proxy. A copy of their ID card must also be submitted.



Your data will be transferred via a secure connection (SSL - Secure Socket Layer) during online registration. This encryption technology enables a secure data transfer between your web browser and the booking system of Bielefeld University Sports.

After you have registered, you will automatically receive an email confirming your registration which contains all relevant information. To be on the safe side, we advise you to save the HTML page on your computer. You can also ask the University Sports Office to provide you with confirmation, or have it sent to you by email.


If you are on the waiting list for a course that is already booked out, then you will be informed immediately if a place becomes available. Everyone on waiting list for that particular course will be notified simultaneously and so we advise you to book the course online at the first opportunity in order to secure a place.

Only then can we inform you as quickly as possible about any places that have been made available, additional activities, course changes, course cancellations, etc.


Please note: It is essential that you enter a valid email address and that you spell it correctly. Otherwise we will not be able to send you the registration confirmation.

Yes. Some courses are limited due to high demand, or because we are unable to expand capacity and so we cannot guarantee admission. Access to the courses is managed through the online booking system.

If the minimum number of course participants has not been reached, then the course will be cancelled or merged with another course. Any exceptions have to be approved by the management of University Sports.  

Employees of the UNI/FU and members (alumni/former staff) of the University require the sports pass in order to participate in the University Sports programme. This has been the case since the winter semester 2020/2021.


For members (alumni/former staff): A Mensa card (canteen card) will still be required to open the doors in the sports area. This can still be obtained from the Studierendenwerk service provider by presenting your certificate of enrolment. When booking, you will need to submit the number on the back of the card.

For employees: Your UniCard will be enough to open the doors. Your Uni ID number (on the front of the UniCard) must be given when booking.

If the fee for the winter semester has already been paid, please send us the receipt by email or come by during office hours.

Students do not need to book a sports pass, but can participate in the sports programme as before.


Questions about course organisation

If a minimum number of participants is not reached, a course will be cancelled or courses will be merged. The University reserves the right to cancel courses, therefore claims of entitlement to participation will not be valid. 

All students at Bielefeld University and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences are covered by statutory accident insurance through their university if they participate in official university sports activities under the supervision of an appointed instructor.

All other participants in University Sports are strongly advised to take out appropriate insurance to cover accident and liability risks. Civil servants must arrange their own accident insurance cover.

We always endeavour to find a substitute instructor. However, if we our unable to find a suitable replacement, then we will try to give as much notice as possible by email or announcements on our webpage. 

Participants who have missed more than two sessions run the risk of being removed from the list of participants. For this reason, please notify your course instructor in advance of your absence. You can send an email directly to the respective course instructor in the course selection area. Simply select the particular course and click on the name of the course instructor.

Questions on cancelling/ transferring course places

By course programme we mean all classes that take place over a defined period.


Free courses


  • Course places must be cancelled independently through the online booking system If this is not possible,
  • You must cancel the course place by informing:
  • The University Sports Service office
  • the relevant instructor



Classes subject to a fee


  • You can cancel a booked class up to three working days before the start of the sports programme. After this date, it is generally not possible to withdraw from the booked course.
  • The only exception to the rule outlined above is when you can provide proof of inability to participate in sport by way of a medical certificate provided by your doctor. The certificate must be submitted to the University Sports office no later than 14 days after the start of your illness/injury. Failure to do will result in you losing your entitlement to the reimbursement of course fees. Here, the date at which the illness began is decisive regarding the proportion of fees to be refunded.
  • If less than 25% of the course dates have elapsed, then 100 % of the fee will be reimbursed.
  • If 25 % or more, but less that 50 % of the course dates have elapsed, then 75% of the fee will be reimbursed.
  • If 50 % or more, but less than 75 % of the course dates have elapsed, then 50 % of the course fee will be reimbursed.
  • If 75 % of the course dates or more have passed, there is no right to a refund.

It is not permitted to transfer your course booking to another person.

With fee-paying courses, you are only permitted to change courses in consultation with the relevant course instructor; you are not automatically entitled to a place on another course. Rebooking to another course may only be made through the office of the University Sports Service.

Questions on fee-paying courses

Working together with AStA (student union) and the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, we aim to make the widest possible range of sporting opportunities available to all interested persons free of charge. Though we are constantly expanding our free sports programme, we do need to pass on some of the additional costs for courses that are more expensive to run. In doing so, we are able to cover the equipment, room hire and increased staffing required. We thank you for your understanding, and hope that with this arrangement that we can accommodate all participants fairly.

If a direct debit is returned due to insufficient funds in the given bank account or cancellation by the account holder then any charges incurred will be added to the course fee (minimum €3). Please note: The penalty charge for a returned direct debit and any further late payment fees will have to be paid by the participant in addition to the course fee. Please check your payment details carefully. 

The SEPA Direct Debit has been available throughout the EU since 1 November 2009 with the implementation of the new EU Payment Services Directive. SEPA is an abbreviation for “Single Euro Payments Area”. It is designed to guarantee that bank transactions between the countries participating in SEPA function in the same way as domestic bank transactions. The SEPA Direct Debit is intended to completely replace the classic direct debit procedure.


This has resulted in the following changes when registering for fee-paying courses as of 1 February 2014. 

  • Instead of a bank account number and sort code, please enter your IBAN and, if applicable, BIC details.
  • Registration is now only possible with a valid email address.




When booking a fee-paying course, you automatically consent to University Sports debiting the corresponding amount from your bank account. You will be notified by email of the date your account will be debited.



An IBAN number uniquely identifies your account. You can usually find this number on a bank statement, or you can go to the homepage of your bank to ascertain the IBAN number.



Further information on

Questions about sports facilities and equipment

It is only possible to access the sports facilities in the main university building if you have a valid Uni/FH card or library card. Staff/members: you need to book the sports pass in advance to be able to access the facilities. If you have any questions regarding the entry system, please contact the University Sports Service office.


As a rule, the sports facilities are only available for those people authorised to use them. This includes members of Bielefeld University (students, staff, occasional students, alumni and former staff) as well as students, staff and apprentices at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. Please note, any independently organised sporting activities that are not organised by University Sports will not be covered by statutory insurance. The sports facilities can be reserved in advance via the court/pitch booking section.


Hard pitches/courts

Self-organised games are permitted in good weather conditions and if the pitch is not occupied by the Department of Sports Science or the University Sports service.


Beach courts & tennis courts

Beach volleyball and tennis can be played free of charge on two sand courts (beach volleyball) and two synthetic hard courts (tennis) at Bielefeld University in summer - weather permitting. Interested persons can book the tennis courts and beach courts online by the hour from Monday to Saturday. Please bring a printed or digital booking confirmation with you on the respective dates and be ready to present it if required.


Grass pitch

The grass pitch is only available for courses run by the Department of Sports Science and the University Sport Services. What does UNI I-III, UNI- Gym, LOK etc. mean?

You can find an overview of the venues and sports facilities here.

An overview you canfind hier.


In order for the University Sports entry system to recognise your UniCard, it must be topped up once a month at the Studierendenwerk (student services) or used to pay for something. Alternatively it can be activated free of charge at one of the Studierendenwerk (student services) cash desks.


Library card

In order to activate the library card for use with the entry system, the sports pass for the current semester must be booked via the booking system.


FHCard (University of Applied Sciences card)

In order to access the University Sports facilities, the FHCard needs to be activated for use with the entry system. The procedure differs for students and staff. 


Employees of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences(FH Bielefeld):

In order for the Staff ID card to be activated for the entry system, the sports pass for the current semester must be booked via the booking system. The card will then be automatically activated for Bielefeld University Sports.


Students of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences:

For students, access to University Sports is free of charge.

To enable access, please first log in to the user administration of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

Select the item “University Sports” from the menu.

The current status of your authorisation for University Sports will be displayed here.

To apply for a change in the authorisation status, click on the button “Apply for/revoke access to University Sports”. Once you have applied for or revoked access to University Sports you will receive an email with details on the respective procedure.



Unoccupied sports facilities can be used once a booking has been made as part of a sports pitch/court booking or SOG (self-organised group).

We cannot provide rackets, bats or balls for coached group activities or self-organised groups in table-tennis and badminton.


For self-organised groups in basketball, football, handball and volleyball, only 1 ball is provided per court.

Additional sports equipment may be borrowed from the hall attendants upon presentation of an ID (student or personal ID)


If someone is interested in attending individual lectures or seminars and is not enrolled as a regular student, they can be admitted as an occasional student as far as the available study opportunities allow. It is up to the member of teaching staff to decide who can access the seminar or lecture. Occasional students are not allowed to take exams; they can only be issued with a certificate of attendance and are entitled to participate in university sports.


For more information, please contact the University Sports Service office and the Studierendensekretariat (Student Office) at Bielefeld University (Mr Christian Lyko, Phone: +49 (0)521 106 67313, Mail: The completed applications must be submitted to the Studierendensekretariat (Student Office) at Bielefeld University (Mr Christian Lyko; Room D0- 106)

Yes, we offer a modified university sports programme during the semester break. You can make a booking via the “Sports programme & registration” section.

You can pick up the programme booklet at the University Sports Service office (room E0-146), in the main university building (e.g. in front of the notice boards by the indoor swimming pool (UNI-Pool), the triple sports hall (UNI I-III) and outside the University canteen), at the Infopoint in the university main building and at various other places.

We kindly ask everyone who would like to participate in university sports,

  • to have corresponding ID cards [CAT1] and proof of booking confirmation ready, which clearly show that they are entitled to participate.
  • to begin and end sports activities punctually (all events begin ‘s.t.’ or at the time stated)
  • to only to enter the sports halls at the beginning of the exercise session
  • to enter the sports hall wearing clean indoor shoes that have not previously been worn outside,
  • to finish the exercise session in the sports hall area of Bielefeld University punctually at 10pm on weekdays and to leave the showers and changing rooms by 10.15pm,
  • to use a towel to keep perspiration off the gymnastics mats,
  • to bring a towel which is mandatory for the fitness, conditioning and aerobics classes,
  • not to leave valuables in the changing room,
  • to follow the instructions of the instructors and hall attendants,
  • to follow the rules of use to help support the smooth running of the sports facilities (see notice in the P01 sports hall area).


If you have any questions about the UniFit fitness and health centre, please contact the service centre at UniFit (tel. 0521 106 2547).

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