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Academic achievements according to Social Code II (ALG II) and Social Code XII (social assistance)

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Students with additional needs due to disability or illness should obtain comprehensive information about funding agencies and application procedures early on and seek individual counseling.

Counseling centers:

The contents of this page were created to the best of our knowledge and belief. The information listed does not replace individual social or legal advice.

Most degree programmes are considered "eligible for BAföG" and therefore exclude the possibility of drawing unemployment benefit II, ALG II for short. It is not decisive whether you actually receive BAföG.

However, there are exceptions that may apply to students with disabilities, chronic or mental illnesses.

In any case, it is advisable to seek individual advice as early as possible.

Here we present some non-binding examples that may lead to the receipt of academic achievements according to SGB II and SGB XII.

ALG II in case of interruption of studies due to illness and leave of absence

Interruption of studies due to illness for up to 3 months

In the event of an interruption of studies due to illness of up to 3 months, eligible students will continue to receive BAföG achievements.


Interruption of studies due to illness longer than 3 but shorter than 6 months

Students should take a leave of absence if they interrupt their studies for a period longer than 3 months. Up to a period of illness of six months, students continue to be considered eligible. However, they are then no longer in an educational relationship that is "eligible for BAföG" and may therefore be entitled to ALG II according to SGB II or project durations according to SGB XII, depending on the expected duration of the interruption of studies.

Students should inform themselves about deadlines and regulations regarding leave of absence at an early stage. A retroactive leave of absence is not possible at Bielefeld University.

"Support for living expenses" according to SGB XII in case of interruption of studies due to illness and leave of absence due to illness longer than 6 months

If a serious illness lasts (presumably) six months or longer, affected students are considered "temporarily fully incapacitated". If students take a leave of absence due to illness, they may be entitled to support in accordance with chapter 3 of SGB XII. Individual cases are decisive in the recognition of corresponding cases of hardship/hardship cases.

ALG II in transitional periods between bachelor's and master's degrees

Waiting periods of varying lengths can occur during the transition between a bachelor's and master's degree program. Under certain circumstances, BAföG cannot be received during this time because the transition period is too long.

Provided that all job search obligations have been fulfilled, i.e. above all that students are available to the general labor market, it is possible to register as a job seeker during the bridging period. ALG II can then be applied for.

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