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AG 4: Schulentwicklung und Schulforschung

AG 4 : School Development and School Research

In their study courses and research plans, the members of Working group 4 (AG 4) address the organization and didactic design of teaching and learning processes in schools. On the one hand, this includes analyses of normative aspects of inclusion, educational justice, the democratization of the school, and the professional design of the teacher role. On the other hand, members of AG 4 are also analysing the school as an organization and social institution involving various actors who are each pursuing their own rationales. Main research areas include general didactics, the didactics of teaching pedagogics, language teaching in German as a second language, cooperation between teachers, professionalization, and school development through practice research.

Research and development in school education focuses on empirical analyses of the regular school system and on Bielefeld's two laboratory schools: the Laborschule [laboratory school] and the Oberstufen-Kolleg [senior secondary college]).

Links to the Laborschule and Oberstufen-Kolleg

The working group's teaching and research activities are closely linked to the laboratory schools at Bielefeld University.

For the Laborschule, this is the task of the Laboratory School Research Unit (WE LS) headed by Prof. Dr. Annette Textor.

For the Oberstufen-Kolleg, it is the Senior Secondary College Research Unit (WE-OS) headed by Prof. Dr. Martin Heinrich.

The members of these Research Units are also members of AG 4 and contribute to teaching in the aforementioned fields.