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  • Bielefeld School of Public Health

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Degree programs

The School of Public Health offers a consecutive (follow-on) degree program, encompassing a Bachelor of Science Health Communication (BHC), a Master of Science Public Health (MPH) and a Doctor of Public Health (Dr PH). The MPH can be expanded into a European Master of Public Health.

The School also offers numerous advanced training opportunities, as in the specialized degrees Master of Health Administration (MHA) and Master of Work Place Health Management (MWPHM), as well as the distance learning certification Applied Health Science (FAG)

Beyond these, the School has developed an e-learning program for all University members interested in training in SPSS and Excel.

Bachelor of Health Communication
A general degree comprising six semesters, with an emphasis on health communication ...more

Master of Public Health
A four semester degree program conforming to international standards. An expansion to the European Master of Public Health is possible ...more

European Public Health
As indicated by the title this course of studies focusses on training in Public Health with a special European and international perspective ...more

Doctor of Public Health
A six semester degree program in which students are given structured support in the development of a doctoral project ...mehr

Master of Health Administration (MHA)
A work-study four semester program with an internationally recognized degree (MHA) ...mehr

Master of Workplace Health Management (MWPHM)
A work-study four semester program with an internationally recognized degree (MWHM) plus individual qualifications modules ...mehr

Distance learning applied health sciences (FAG)
A one year, tuition-based program culminating in certification as a health manager ...mehr

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