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Health Communication (Bachelor of Science, BSc)

The degree programme provides initial scientific training with a focus on communication. It imparts knowledge of theories and methods in the field of health sciences, which can be applied in professional practice and also form the basis for the advanced master's degree program in Public Health. To this end, you will receive basic introductions to the following scientific fields and disciplines that are central to health communication:

  • Communication Sciences
  • Biomedicine and ecology
  • Health and social sciences
  • Economics and health policy
  • Epidemiology and demography

During your studies, you will also be prepared for professional activities through internships and practical projects in different professional fields of health communication.

At the end of your studies, you will be in a position to help shape the increasingly rapid transfer of knowledge from the professional sector to the lay sector and to solve applied problems in health communication on a health science basis, thus helping to shape change in the health care system.

Graduates of the degree programme will find professional employment opportunities with, among others, health insurance companies, insurance companies, consumer and patient advice centers, health and disease associations, health care companies, in workplace health promotion, radio, film and television stations and other media institutions, internet agencies, publishing houses and public relations departments, public institutions such as health offices and public authorities and their public relations departments.

All regulations and provisions relevant to the degree programme, the List of modules and general information for the degree programme can be found on the BIS website.

Director of Studies: Prof. Dr. Doreen Reifegerste

Academic Counselling Service: Lena Schumann



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