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Climate Crisis Blog

Climate Crisis Blog

One of the most pressing issues of our time is the ongoing and accelerating climate crisis that will significantly change life on Earth as we know it within the 21st century. But how can we, in cultural studies, think and communicate about the climate crisis in ways that matter? If language, stories and metaphors have power, then how do representations of climate change issues shape the way we think about, talk about and act in regard to the climate crisis?

These were the central questions for the block seminar “Confronting the Climate Crisis: A Writers’ Room for Cultural Scholars” in February 2020. The seminar’s goal was for everyone to write a blog post about an issue related to the representation of the climate crisis to raise awareness of the urgent need to change the way we talk, and hence think, about the causes of humanity’s ongoing self-destruction.

Click here to go to the blog posts.

English Drama Group

The "Play Production" is an ongoing student activity in the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies. Intended originally for students of British and American Studies, it was opened up for students of other subjects from the very beginning. Founded in 1976 by lecturer Martin Winks, the English Drama Group provides an opportunity for students to use their English in the context of stage productions, and at the same time introduces participants to the theory and practice of theatre.

Participants are involved in all stages of the production, including the selection of the play, and in addition to their stage roles, are involved in multiple organisational tasks and artistic decisions.

Since 2009 the group has been run entirely by students, and has gone from strength to strength, with side-projects and spinoffs proliferating. Among students who have coordinated the group and directed performances are Marie-Louise Gloystein, Stefan Becker, Sonja Vollmer, Angie Starczyk and Stefan Mießeler. The main EDG performance usually takes place in the week after the end of term, and attracts an audience not just of students and staff from the English Section, but so many fans from the wider populace that there is sometimes standing-room only in the venues. Entrance is free, though members of the audience are invited to make donations afterwards to support future productions.


See The English Drama Group for more information.


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