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Application and admission

Application deadlines

Winter semester 01.06 - 15.07
Summer semester 01.12 - 15.01

Application Website


Application Deadlines: 15 January for Summer Semester and 15 July for Winter Semester (German time). The online application process for the program is mandatory. With this link you can access the online application portal:

Application Portal

The following documents are needed in order to apply:

  • Certificate of undergraduate studies or equivalent degree in disciplines related to InterAmerican Studies. If you do not have the certificate by the date of application, you can send an official transcript of records *

  • Transcript of records *

  • Language certificates for English (B2) and Spanish (B2)

  • Short text samples proving your intercultural skills (300 to 400 words), interdisciplinary skills (300 to 400 words), and InterAmerican research skills (300 to 400 words) in English or Spanish

  • Applicants to the MA InterAmerican Studies who wish to pursue the Double Degree in Literaturas Interamericanas must mention it to the coordinator Diana Fulger.

In addition to the online application, in accordance with the admission guidelines, sending documentation by post is necessary.

* Certificates that are not issued in English or German must be officially translated in one of these languages.


The selection committee, composed of professors of the master’s program, reviews all the documents of the applications to decide if the applicant meets all the admission requirements. The rejection of the application does not imply that it cannot be resubmitted in the following academic period.

Those who have applied for the Double Degree in Literaturas Interamericanas will be called for an interview (15-20 minutes) to determine if they are accepted into this binational program.

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Germany: The applicants who receive a letter of acceptance must contact the "Studierendensekretariat" to start the enrollment process. At the beginning of each semester, an information session is organized for incoming students.

Students with a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree outside Germany: Accepted applicants will be contacted by the International Office of Bielefeld University and will receive additional information about the enrollment process.

The International Office provides international students with guidance and information about scholarships, housing and the enrollment process at the university. It also has a mentoring program to help incoming students adjust to life in Bielefeld.

International Office

We also recommend contacting the Fachschaft IAS (IAS student association) at

The master’s degree in InterAmerican Studies has an interdisciplinary focus and its areas of study include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Literature, Culture, and Media Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Social Anthropology, Sociology of  Development
  • Political Science
  • Transnational History
  • Sociology of Religion

In addition to the areas of study mentioned above, students have the possibility of creating their own specialized profile during a study abroad program at one of our foreign partner universities. For example, the Double Degree in Literaturas Interamericanas at the University of Guadalajara focuses on Literary and Cultural Studies.

For the master’s program in InterAmerican Studies, students must demonstrate advanced knowledge of English (B2) and Spanish (B2), as all seminars of the compulsory and elective modules are taught in these languages. Official language certificates (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, DELE) must be available when applying for admission. Students can take language exams at Bielefeld University.

Since the summer semester 2018, the master’s program in IAS has been part of the international degree in English and Spanish, so that it is no longer necessary to demonstrate German language skills to obtain the degree. Foreign students can attend German language courses at Bielefeld University. Those who already have advanced knowledge of German can benefit from the interdisciplinary courses and research offered by other programs at the university.

MA in InterAmerican Studies’ program does not require a stay abroad. However, there are several possibilities for students to spend, at least, one semester at one of the foreign partner universities. This stay abroad not only gives them the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in a specific cultural, social and political environment of the Americas, but also prepares them for their role as intercultural mediators, by deepening their own socio-cultural processes and those of the host country.

 Bielefeld University has numerous partner universities in North and Latin America. In particular, two DAAD-funded exchange programs (ISAP) are available to IAS students: one at Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico) and one at Universidad Nacional La Plata (Argentina) for a semester abroad.

 Starting in the winter semester 2018/19, the master’s program offers a Double Degree in Literaturas Interamericanas at Universidad de Guadalajara, which is also funded by the DAAD. In this case, a German-Mexican cohort studies the first two semesters in Bielefeld and the last two semesters in Guadalajara.

For more information on study abroad opportunities, please click here. Internationaliesierung

 The DAAD-funded Double Degree program in InterAmerican Studies is a particularly attractive opportunity for those students who wish to specialize in Literature and Cultural Studies. This is a specialization that includes one year of study in Bielefeld and one year in Guadalajara.

 Applicants who wish to pursue the Double Degree in Literaturas Interamericanas must apply for the Master in InterAmerican Studies / Estudios Interamericanos and mention the coordinator about their intentions to enter the bi-national program.

Double degree website

An internship is not mandatory for the master’s degree in InterAmerican Studies; however, the option of an internship (Praktikum) combined with a long stay abroad can have a positive impact on career opportunities. Therefore, it is recommended to do an internship during the semester break, for example. It is also possible to do an internship in connection with the intended master thesis.

For further questions regarding internships, please contact:

Diana Fulger
Telefon: +49 521 106-3663

Students in the InterAmerican Studies / Estudios Interamericanos master’s program have a solid background in regional studies. They are trained as specialists in intercultural and transnational contexts of the Americas, especially the English- and Spanish-speaking regions.

Throughout the program, students acquire advanced skills in text and media analysis, as well as the socio-cultural contexts and historical dynamics of the Americas, enabling them to perform professional tasks in academic institutions, development aid organizations or internationally operating companies, where the skills to deal with different cultures and languages and to understand the social and historical contexts of other regions are increasingly important.

Optionally, the master’s degree also offers a further qualification: The option of a double degree with the Maestría en Literaturas Interamericanas at Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico. It  enables students to obtain the Mexican title of “Maestría” at the same time as the German master’s degree. This opens up additional professional perspectives for them throughout Latin America.


Frau Dr. Diana Fulger


+49 521 106-3663

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