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The Masters is divided into modules, with each module consisting of two to three courses. To complete a module each course must passed, along with an exam. Depending on the module, the exam might be a research paper (20-25 pages), an oral exam (20-30 minutes), or a presentation plus a research paper or written exam.

Students must complete five compulsory modules (Pflichtmodule), which address the topics of Latin American literature and culture, media, history of the Americas, North American literature and culture, and the Masters thesis and colloquium. To complete their studies, students must choose two optional modules (Wahlpflichtmodule), with which they can specialize or define their chosen concentration (in the areas of literary studies, linguistics, culture and media, history, and social or political sciences).

In order to graduate, students must complete a total of 120 credits. Therefore, in addition to the five compulsory and two optional modules (totaling 102-106 credits), students can take free elective courses (individueller Ergänzungsbereich) to receive their final 14 to 18 credits. These elective courses can be selected from the academic offerings of the Inter-American Studies program, or from other faculties. The student must present their final research project at the Inter-American Studies Colloquium to receive feedback from both professors and peers.


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