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Equal Opportunities and Gender

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Pia Simone Brocke

Decentralized Equal Opportunities Officer Medical School OWL

Phone: +49 521 106-67427


Office: R.1 D3-105


Katharina Sternke-Hoffmann

Consultant for Equal Opportunities and Gender

Phone: +49 521 106-67957


Office: R.1 D3-105

Principles of Equal Opportunities at Medical School OWL

The Medical School OWL has implemented gender equality in an exemplary cross-cutting manner from the very beginning in order to make a long-term contribution to the further development of a gender-equitable university and scientific culture in medicine.

In order to realize gender equality comprehensively, the categories gender and sex are represented not only in terms of the quantitative proportion of women, but also in terms of content through the representation in the research subjects and teaching contents (including inequalities between the sexes, specific living and working conditions of women). This should also send a signal that health care is of great importance from the perspective of gender justice. The university-wide gender equality strategy and information on the whole variety of gender equality related measures and activities at Bielefeld University can be found in the Gender Portal.

1 | Female Professor Ratio well above Average

It is the declared goal of Bielefeld University to achieve an above-average proportion of female professors compared to other medical locations and to win over many female professors for the new establishment and operation of the Medical School and the University Hospital OWL. A highly ambitious equal opportunity policy is being pursued in the process of establishing the Medical School OWL. The goal is to build on the success of the university's gender-sensitive appointment strategy.

The established, gender-sensitive appointment strategy of Bielefeld University will be applied for this purpose. Bielefeld University would therefore like to expressly encourage qualified female candidates to apply.

At the university-wide event Professorinnen im Dialog (Female Professors in Dialogue), (newly appointed) female professors have the opportunity to network with female colleagues and exchange ideas on an interdisciplinary basis once a semester.

2 | Gender Equitable Promotion of young female Researchers

Female students and female researchers of the Medical School OWL are supported from the beginning of their studies. All offers for young researchers at Bielefeld University are gender-appropriate. In addition, designated instruments are developed with the aim of securing academic success and career development in science for women, or existing measures and instruments are adapted to the requirements of the Medical School OWL.

3 | Gender Equality Activities in the Clinics

It is important to Bielefeld University that gender equality and gender aspects in research and teaching are initiated and implemented at an early stage in the cooperating hospitals.


1 | Gender and Diversity in Research

Bielefeld University assigns a high priority to gender and diversity and implements these topics in an exemplary manner in the overall research direction. The anchoring of gender-medical and diversity-related content in clinical and medical-theoretical research is planned. Future professors should therefore take gender and diversity aspects into account in both research and teaching.

2 | Gender and Diversity in Teaching

Diversity and gender aspects are systematically integrated into teaching through the binding inclusion of relevant content and learning objectives in the curriculum. Gender/sex represents a diversity category with a high relevance for action and is systematically related to other relevant diversity-related aspects. This is to ensure that all aspects that contribute to or influence the development or course of a disease are considered.

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