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  • Department of Psychology

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BSc Psychology

Study and examination regulations

The study and examination regulations contain central regulations for all study programs at Bielefeld University.

Examination and study regulations for the Bachelor's program

Subject-specific regulations

The subject-specific regulations contain provisions for the respective degree programs that go beyond the information in the study and examination regulations. Here you will find comprehensive information on the modules, examinations as well as the final thesis of the Psychology degree program.

Enrollment as of WiSe 2016/17:

Subject-specific regulations of 5 September 2016 with amendments from 02.11.2018 (link to PDF on the left).

Enrollment until SoSe 2016:

Subject-specific regulations of November 21, 2011 in conjunction with the amendments of September 2, 2013 and April 1, 2014 (link to PDF on the right side of this page)

Module manual

The module handbook contains all the information about the modules that you will complete during your studies. You will receive information about the central contact person for the module (module representative), about the competencies that you will acquire in the module, and about the courses, achievements and examinations that you must take in the modules.

Enrollment as of WiSe 2016/17:

Module Manual for the Degree Program Psychology/Bachelor Core Subject (FsB dated 05.09.2016).

Module manual for the program Psychology/Bachelor minor subject (FsB from 05.09.2016).

Enrollment until SoSe 2016:

Module Manual for the Degree Program in Psychology/Bachelor Core Subject (FsB dated 21.11.2011).

Module Manual for the Program Psychology/Bachelor Minor (FsB from 21.11.2011)

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