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  • Strategic Research Areas

    Collage in circles on a white background (f.l.t.r.): Plant cells, micado rods, a robot hand next to a human hand, and formulas on a chalk board
    Collage (f.l.t.r.): ©adobe.stock/TatianaZorina; ebd./larshallstrom; ©Universität Bielefeld; ©Universität Bielefeld

Space for cutting-edge research

The four profiling, thematic research worlds focus on major topics of our time and offer points of contact for business and society: The Changing World, The Material World, The Mathematical World, The Socio-Technical World. Connected by the Bielefeld principle of Transcending Boundaries, all research worlds involve different faculties and scientific departments and realize interdisciplinary top-level research on an international level in joint research projects as well as through third-party funding.

  • Overlapping micado rods
    © adobe.stock/larshallstrom

    Changing World

    Illuminates complex processes of individual and social dynamics as well as social interactions and institutions, especially under conditions of uncertainty and dynamism.

  • Microscopic magnification of plant cells
    © adobe.stock/TatianaZorina

    Material World

    Investigates structures and processes at the intersections of physics, chemistry, biology, and bioinformatics, from molecules and nanosheets to biological cells, cosmology, and particle physics.

  • Mathematical formulas in chalk on a black board
    © patrick.pollmeier/Universität Bielefeld

    Mathematical World

    Aims to develop fundamental concepts and theories in mathematics and apply them to solve long-open problems in economics and the natural sciences.

  • A robot hand is stretched in the air next to a human hand against a sand coloured background
    © patrick.pollmeier/Universität Bielefeld

    Socio-Technical World

    Explores the capabilities and mechanisms that enable agents such as humans, robots, and AI to operate, communicate, and learn in complex environments.

Four green circles are arranged in a circle, each labeled as one of the research worlds. Two of the circles are connected by the lettering Transcending Boundaries.

Transcending Boundaries

stands for the Bielefeld principle of lived and comprehensive interdisciplinarity. Crossing boundaries between disciplines and scientific cultures, between research and teaching, and between science and society is the guiding principle and impetus for our researchers to conduct cutting-edge basic research at an international level.



Portrait photo of Prof. Dr. Christiane Fuchs

Professor Christiane Fuchs

Vice Rector for Research and Research Networks

Office: Main university building (UHG) V9-132


Phone: +49 521 106-2576

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