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Socio-Technical World

A robot hand is stretched in the air next to a human hand against a sand coloured background
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In focus

New Centre for Co-constructive Artificial Intelligence

Logo of the CoAI JRC

The universities of Bielefeld, Bremen, and Paderborn have joined forces in CoAI JRC to develop AI systems that can provide humans with targeted support in performing tasks.

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Socio-Technical World: Interactive Intelligent Systems

Handshake of a human hand with a robot hand
© Bielefeld University

This focus of research is concerned with capabilities and mechanisms that enable agents such as humans, robots, and AI to act, communicate, and learn alone or together in complex environments. The heart of this strategic research area is the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC). While CITEC involves researchers from computer science, biology, psychology, sports science, and linguistics, the strategic research area reaches out beyond these disciplines to include health sciences, law, sociology, business administration and economics as well as philosophy with a focus on the impact of technical interactive intelligent systems on all relevant societal domains. There is close cooperation with national and international strategic partners both from industry and from the public sector (e.g. Miele, Bertelsmann, Honda, and the von Bodelschwingh Foundation).

Scientific Discipline

9th in Engineering Sciences (relative to number of scientific staff)


Research Field (Review Board)

  • 5th in Social and Behavioral Sciences (absolute)
  • 5th in Psychology (absolute)
  • 10th in Computer Science (absolute)
  • 10th in Jurisprudence (absolute)

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