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  • Double Degree Programmes at Bielefeld University

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Double Degree Programmes at Bielefeld University

International Degree and Study Abroad Programme Combined with High-Quality Teaching

Participation in a double degree programme at Bielefeld University offers all this and much more. The double degree programmes involve studying at Bielefeld University and at one of the following partner universities: Université de Paris, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, Sapienza - Università di Roma, or Universidad de Guadalajara. The required courses and examinations are divided between the respective universities. This makes double degree programmes a particularly high-profile form of international study.

Combine the Best of Two Worlds!

Participants complete their studies at both universities and are given the opportunity to obtain a double degree after six semesters in the Bachelor's programme or after four semesters in the Master's programme.  Upon graduation, graduates are thus awarded two academic degrees (one degree from each of the two universities).

The average time to complete a degree is three years for a Bachelor's degree or two years for a Master's degree. This is possible due to the structured course of study. Studying abroad counts as an integral part of the degree programme. Each partner university offers a range of diverse and interesting lectures that have been defined in advance. The courses abroad complement the lectures at Bielefeld University perfectly and further enrich and enhance the high quality of the programme.

Funding through the ERASMUS+ programme is possible for the programmes in Europe. There are also special funding programmes through the Franco-German University (FGU) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The latter is also possible for Mexico.

In contrast to studying abroad within the framework of the European ERASMUS programme, these binational programmes make it possible to immerse oneself more intensively in the academic culture of the partner country through longer stays at the partner university. At the same time, students are able to improve their language skills in the language of the respective country. Furthermore, the double degree contributes to significantly increasing the chances on the labour market in both countries. Bielefeld University has many years of experience in the field of academic exchange and scientific collaboration with its partner universities, which are further consolidated and intensified with the implementation of the binational degree programmes.

Benefits of a Double Degree

  • Study at two internationally regarded universities
  • Receive two degrees in the same amount of time required to complete a single degree programme
  • Better job opportunities through international experience
  • Study in different languages or in English
  • Subject specialization
  • Small study groups with intensive supervision encourage higher academic achievement
  • Contacts for student advice and support at each university
  • Scholarship opportunities for period abroad
  • Studying abroad fosters personal development

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