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International Mentoring Programme

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International Mentoring Programm

Degree-Seeking Students:

Yanne Menezes Oliveira
Room: D0-144

Office Hours:  
nach Vereinbarung

Erasmus- und andere Kooperationsstudierende:

Alba Crespo Ruiz
Room: D0-138

Office Hours:
Monday 11:00 -12:00 Uhr 
Tuesday 15:00 - 16:00 Uhr

This mentoring-program is dramatically helpful to me! It made my stay in Bielefeld perfect.

a Chinese student

The International Mentoring Programme contributed to my well-being at the university and in Bielefeld. Simply being able to talk to someone when I needed help was very convenient.

a Czech student

The International Mentoring Programme was founded at Bielefeld University in the Wintersemester of 1998/99. It was based on the idea of an Egyptian student who had experienced the difficulties of studying abroad. He wanted to develop a program which offers a one-on-one mentoring to international students. Next to the valueable experiences and great fun, studying abroad also brings along many challenges. Whoever has experienced this can most certainly agree: language barriers can lead to insecurity, and everything takes more time to do - gathering and understanding information, organizing one's studies, simple every day tasks and meeting new people. In other words: you might have trouble finding a flat or a job, taking notes during class, understanding the library system etc.. And when you're insecure, it can also be quite an effort to talk to strangers and make new friends - i.e. to simply feel at home. The International Mentoring Programme wants to support international students by finding a mentor who will help meet all these challenges.

  • you'll meet experienced students
  • you'll know someone who will show you around town and around the campus
  • you'll have someone to ask questions to about your studies or the university
  • you'll be given information on where the post office, the municipality, a good physician, the nearst bank or the best pub in town is
  • you'll know where you can go when you get homesick or are bored
  • you'll be able to practice your German

When you leave your home country to study abroad, you don't only leave friends and family behind, but you also have to face new challenges. The International Mentoring Programme aims to give you support while you are getting settled at the University by giving you a mentor. A mentor is another student from Bielefeld University who will support you during your first semester and might even be able to give you advice before your arrival.

Every student who has been admitted to study at Bielefeld University, is taking part in a language course, or is doing an internship in Bielefeld (including assistant teachers at schools).

You can simply register online or stop by at our offices in D0-138.

No, registration and participation are free of charge!

You want to participate?

Become a mentee and find your mentor!

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