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International Mentoring Programme for mentors

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International Mentoring Programm

Degree-Seeking Students:

Yanne Menezes Oliveira
Room: D0-144

Eramus- und andere Kooperationsstudierende:

Alba Crespo Ruiz
Room: D0-138

International Mentoring Programme

Each year, many students from all over the world come to Bielefeld University to study. The International Mentoring Programme aims to support them adjust to their new living and studying environment by providing them with a native mentor, or an international mentor who has been here for some time. The mentors then assist their mentees to their questions and concerns. If you want to sign up as a mentor please note that a high-level of german is beneficial if not essential to help new arriving international students.


What does a mentor do?

  • you support an international mentee for one semester (you may extend the mentoring at any time)
  • you assist your mentee in their daily routine at the university: understanding the electronic study system (eKVV), finding the right reference to more specific academic questions etc.
  • you accompany your mentee to administrative offices
  • you have lunch with your mentee at the cantine and spend you leisure time together

What are the benefits of being a mentor?

  • you acquire interpersonal and intercultural skills

  • you can establish connections for your own studies abroad

  • you will receive a certification for your commitments as a mentor

The amount of time you commit depends mostly on you: as much as you can and want to commit! There's no set rule on a minimal amount of hours you must commit per week. However, since experience has taught us that regularity is reasonable, the International Mentoring Programme team expects a regular personal contact with your mentee..

After you register as a mentor at the International Mentoring Programme, we do our best to find a mentee for you. Of course we try to take into consideration your wishes regarding e.g. the home country or native language of your mentee, but aren't always able to fulfill these wishes. We mostly take into account that the mentee studies the same subject(s) as you do, or at least is at the same faculty.

  • Degree Students
    Students from all over the world who come to Bielefeld University in order to achieve a degree. Contact:
  • Non-Degree Students 
    Students from (European) cooperations or scholarship programs (Erasmus, ISEP, Fulbright, DAAD), who come to the University of Bielefeld for one or two semesters. Contact:

Whoever is solely interested in language exchange should contact the ISR:

We offer an obligatory training for mentors twice at the beginning of every semester. We send out the information on time and date via email, upon which you can sign up via email, as well.

Simply send us an email at the end of your mentoring, stating that you'd like a certification, and we'll be glad to certify your commitment as a mentor. It can always be benficial for your job applications.

You don't want to become a mentor 
but are looking for a mentor? 
Then THIS is the right place for you! 

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