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  • Diversity

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How we deal with diversity

Our Diversity Statement

Bielefeld University pursues the goal of appreciating the diversity of the people who work, study, teach and research here, and promoting their different abilities, talents and competences.

The potential arising from diversity and heterogeneity is seen as an opportunity to release innovative and creative processes in research, teaching, work and study.

Bielefeld University would like to create an environment that is free of discriminating structures, actions and prejudices and in which all members and affiliates of the university in study, research or administration capacities, experience appreciation and recognition, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic or socio-cultural origin, religion, ideology, disability or (chronic) illness, age and sexual orientation.

Our Diversity Policy

The Diversity Policy of Bielefeld University aims to establish the institution's positive attitude towards diversity and to create a basis for dealing with diversity within the organization. The university has thus established a framework and procedures for (self-)critically reviewing and, if necessary, modifying organizational structures and processes in line with this stance. The aim is to optimally prepare our university for the opportunities of diversity.

The Diversity Policy consists of two parts that build on each other: the long-term Mission Statement and the Diversity Plan.

After a one-year, university-wide coordination process with the participation of numerous university members from research, teaching, studies, administration and technology, the Rectorate of Bielefeld University adopted the Mission Statement on 7 May 2019.

The Mission Statement provides the framework for dealing with diversity: It serves the strategic understanding on a common stance, on related common goals and on the common claim for action. It specifies the prerequisites for achieving the goals, fields of action, and defines persons concerned. The Mission Statement is based on the strategy paper "Diversity in Society and Dealing with Diversity at Bielefeld University" (2017/2018) which it replaced by resolution of the Rectorate.

The Diversity Plan of Bielefeld University will be developed and coordinated in a university-wide process from spring 2019.
The Diversity Plan will ensure the planning and implementation of the measures set out in the Mission Statement. Bielefeld University has developed a number of principles, goals and strategies on diversity. For sustainable implementation and critical evaluation, the Diversity Plan defines control mechanisms and suitable instruments for monitoring and quality assurance.  It contains a status report on what has been achieved and specifies outstanding needs for action. In selected areas, the Diversity Plan specifies measures that have previously been developed and coordinated. Existing projects and measures that promote diversity at Bielefeld University are integrated into the overall planning and receive particular support.  Similar to the University's Equal Opportunities Plan, the Diversity Plan has the potential to describe the University's needs and intentions regarding action in a regular cycle. It can be adapted according to current requirements.

The Diversity Audit

In 2018, the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. (Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany) opened the "Shaping Diversity" diversity audit procedure for Bielefeld University. Over the next two years, the steering group for the Diversity Policy project and a steering committee set up specifically for the audit with university members from research and teaching, studies, administration and technology will work on selected key topics to promote diversity at our university.

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