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Catharina-Sophie Otto


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Inga Berg

Raphael Roy

Studienerfolgsmonitoring und ECTS-Statistik

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Student survey 2013/2014 (in German)
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Study Success Monitoring

Study success monitoring is used to gain insights backed up by data into how studies proceed. Analyses of study trajectories or also study biographies can lead to the detection of study-course-specific needs for action and intervention. Particular attention is paid to analysing dropouts, changes of subject and university, and taking longer than the regular length of studies. Both institutional and individual reasons for study success or failure are also examined.

Analyses are based on existing data from the BIS campus management system and enrolment data from the Studierendensekretariat [Student office] (HIS SOS). Because Bielefeld University places a strong emphasis on protecting student data, these are all analysed anonymously. Even access to the data is strongly protected and fully protocolled so that it can always be tracked.

The anonymized examination data in BIS are analysed more specifically with the help of statistical models and the addition of further data from student surveys and graduate studies in order to identify the causes of study success and failure. Preliminary analyses reveal the great potential of the data. For example, different failure rates in examination and dropout rates after the first semester have become visible in the study courses. The challenge is now to carry out systematic analyses in order to go beyond evaluating just random samples.

Monitoring study success is a further element in the quality management of teaching that is located in Department SL.