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Professionalizing University Teaching

The quality of studies and a successful graduation are closely related to a high quality of teaching. Students achieve good learning outcomes only when their teaching is organized professionally - and, in the end, this also contributes to a good start in one's studies.


The project's highest goal is to establish and maintain a high quality of teaching at Bielefeld University. The project team

  • Helps teachers to (further) develop their personal teaching competence
  • Strengthens the professional self-image of teachers
  • Offers new teachers systematic assistance in taking on their role at Bielefeld University.

Project members work out concepts to further develop the quality and extend the quantity of the existing further training and counselling services in higher education didactics at Bielefeld University. By adopting an individual approach, more teachers than before should be encouraged to gain a (further) qualification in university teaching. Provisions are being created particularly for new teachers that will make it easier for them to start teaching at Bielefeld University.

Services in higher education didactics

The project is simultaneously broadening the range of workshops and trainings and making them match the individual needs of teachers more specifically. As a result, the programme is expanding continuously to cover the further development of topics in the "Bielefelder Zertifikat für Hochschullehre" [Bielefeld University Teaching Certificate]. The team is testing new topics, new types of course, and new counselling formats and it is integrating those that prove their worth into the programme.

Target-group-specific provisions on teaching topics

The project systematically strengthens the quality of teaching in the different subjects by differentiating and adapting teaching-related provisions to fit each subject and target group. For example, teachers planning and carrying out their first seminar can participate in specially designed workshops. For professors, in contrast, the team is developing a programme to link up with individual competencies. Temporary lecturers [Lehrbeauftragte] have the option of networking with Bielefeld University through short introductions to the standards and framing conditions of teaching and learning at which they can also find out about further support measures.

Inplacement - Introducing new teachers

Special concepts are being developed for new colleagues with teaching duties. The aim is to back them up systematically as they move into their teaching role at Bielefeld University.

New teachers are accompanied by general and subject-specific formats - developed in cooperation with the faculties - that give them active support. For example, members of the project team are available to answer general questions from new teachers. There are information brochures, events, and the option of supervised coaching designed to make it easier to get started and continue teaching along with faculty-specific formats such as team teaching and subject-specific information.

The goal is to closely link the inplacement concept for new teachers with a total concept of inplacement for all new personnel at Bielefeld University that is currently being developed in the staff development department.