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Fees and Charges

Legal Principles

Fee Schedule

Event Details Amount
Overdue Fees Up to 10 days EUR 2.00 per item
Up to 20 days EUR 5.00 per item
Up to 30 days EUR 10.00 per item
past the 31st day EUR 20.00 per item
Interlibrary Loan Order Handling charge EUR 1.50 per order
(irrespective of fulfilment)
Loss or Damage of Items Handling charge EUR 25.00 per item
Issuing of ID Cards External users EUR 10.00
Replacement of ID Cards Loss of ID Card EUR 10.00
Lockers (small) Key Loss EUR 15.00 (plus the deposit will be withheld)
Lockers (large) Utilisation Fee EUR 2.00
Key Loss EUR 30.00 (plus the deposit will be withheld)


The fees and charges are based upon the Bielefeld University Library Fee Schedule (effective from 3 Dec. 2007)

Overdue Fees

Overdue fees accrue corresponding to the length of time the item is overdue. You will not receive an overdue notice by mail. In your loan account you can check the borrowed items and the returning dates.

Loss or Damage of Library Items

In case of loss or damage of borrowed media, you are obliged to pay compensation.


If you cannot return a book borrowed from the library, fill in the form loss notification (in German only).


If a borrowed medium is damaged, please present it in the Service Desk in the Library Service Center. In addition to the replacement cost a processing fee will be charged.

Issuing of ID Cards

Issuing of ID Cards for external users are subject to a fee of 10 EUR.

Replacement of ID Cards

In case you have lost your ID Card, refer to the Service Desk in the Library Service Center for a duplicate. Block the UniCard for your own safety online or in person at the info point of the Student Office. You can have the barcode ID card blocked in person at the Service Desk in the Library Service Center.

Interlibrary Loan Orders

You can order books or journal articles which are not available at Bielefeld University library via interlibrary loan from libraries around the world. The cost for an order is a handling charge which has to be paid irrespective of the fulfilment of your order. This handling charge will appear on your loan account immediately after you have completed the order transaction.

Lockers (locks with coin-operated keys)

For the use of the lockers with coin locks a 2.00 Euro piece deposit is needed. If you lost your key, please refer to the Service Desk in the Library Service Center. After hours (later than 16.00 or on weekends) turn to the security staff in Building X. In case we have to open the locker, the deposit will be withheld and you will have to pay the expenditure for the replacement of the lock.


Overdue fees, interlibrary loan orders and postage can be paid in cash in the Service Desk in the Library Service Center or transferred to the following account:

Universität Bielefeld
Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
IBAN: DE 46 3005 0000 0000 061036
Please indicate on the remittance slip as intended purpose (Verwendungszweck): 12100301 and the Uni-ID of your library or student card (UniCard)

Your loan account will be discharged immediately, when you pay in cash at the Service Desk in the Library Service Center.

Please raise any objections against overdue fees promptly. In case there are objections on your part, keep the receipts you got concerning loan period, renewals, and date of return as a legal proof.
If there are objections, send a written motion for the remission of the fine, explaining your reasons and enclosing appropriate record, to:

By mail:
Direktion der Universitätsbibliothek Bielefeld
Postfach 10 02 91
33502 Bielefeld

By email:
In this case you may hand in appropriate record later.

Avoid Fees

To avoid overdue fees, you can get an overview of your borrowed media in the loan account and check the return date.

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