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  • Individualised personnel development


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Benefits at Bielefeld University - Individual staff development

A job at the university is not the end of the line, but a start: to further professional development. Language courses, further education and training, counselling services for academic careers and stays abroad help employees to broaden their personal horizons, think outside the box and explore unusual paths. Approval to the library with several million books and journals is included for all employees.

Voices from the university

Waldemar Borgsen: Electrician

Flexible working in the skilled trades

Waldemar Borgsen, Electrician

Aerial view Campus Bielefeld University
Bielefeld University

"I am a trained electrician and started as a skilled worker at Bielefeld University. After just under a year, I applied internally for a position that was advertised with the opportunity for further training for skilled workers. Now the university is funding my further training to become a master craftsman and allows me to take time off to study, which counts towards my working hours.

My job has changed a lot since I became a master craftsman. I now do a lot more office work and coordinate my colleagues' assignments. But I also lend a hand myself when I'm needed. I like working at the university because I really appreciate the flexibility here. For example, my parental leave was no problem at all here, it was approved immediately. I also don't have to negotiate holidays or sick days, I just hand them in - I've experienced different things in the business world. And if the child suddenly gets sick and I have to go home quickly, I simply clock out.

You can't just do that on a construction site. I could even do my office work from home - but I don't feel like it, I like coming to university. The campus is like a small town where I can get everything I need: a hot lunch as well as coffee, I can withdraw cash and even buy the essentials. I find the people at the university to be friendly and helpful. If you show initiative, you can really achieve something here."

Waldemar Borgsen

Challenges that bring joy

Stefan Berge, Head of Department (BITS)

Aerial view Campus Bielefeld University
Bielefeld University

"My job at Bielefeld University is very varied in a constantly changing environment. It's challenging, but also fun - and that's important to me personally. I ended up at the university after several stages - training as an IT specialist in system integration, working for various IT service providers and studying business informatics part-time.

I have been head of the 'Networks & IT Security' department at the Bielefeld IT Service Centre (BITS) since 2022. In this role, I'm very busy with organisational tasks and coordination meetings, which means I have a lot of contact with colleagues. I think it's important that we maintain a good working relationship with each other and I try to actively sponsor this. The university supports this by offering mandatory training programmes for all managers. These training opportunities allow me to develop personally and professionally.

The latter is important in my working area because it is very complex and heterogeneous. What I particularly like about working at the university is that I can realise and implement my ideas and concepts. And it's in a family-friendly environment: I use FlexWork because it suits my current family situation very well. My wife also works here and the offer allows us to flexibly arrange and organise our working hours inside and outside the university - a big plus for us!"

Stefan Berge

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