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Main and Second Supervisors

All doctoral researchers at the BGHS have two supervisors. The first supervisor takes the general supervision responsibility for the doctoral researcher. As a rule, the first supervisor must be a university professor from the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology or the Faculty of Sociology at Bielefeld University. The second supervisor complements and supports this supervision. Ideally, he or she should offer extended and complementary perspectives on methodological and theoretical issues. It is therefore advantageous to choose the second supervisor by the end of the third semester and to inform the responsible examination office and the BGHS office

Interdisciplinarity and international supervision

Depending on the subject focus, methodological requirements and academic background of the doctoral researchers, the second supervisors may also come from other subject areas and/or universities in Germany or abroad. In this case, the respective regulations in the doctoral regulations of the faculties must be observed.

BGHS Supervision Agreement

By signing the Supervision Agreement, the doctoral researchers become members of the BGHS after their admission to the doctoral programme by the Faculty of Sociology or the Department of History. The Supervision Agreement regulates the respective rights and duties of the doctoral researchers, the supervisors and the BGHS. The BGHS Supervision Agreement can be found here.

Guidelines for the supervision of doctoral researchers

The Guidelines for the Supervision of Doctoral Studies offer doctoral researchers, professors and the BGHS orientation and suggestions for actively shaping the supervision relationship. The guidelines can be found here.

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