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  • Accessibility Services (ZAB)

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Contact points on campus

Central Accessibility Services (ZAB)


  • Provides confidential advice to students with questions about studying with a disability or chronic illness.
  • supports employees in creating accessible documents and online resources
  • Advises teaching staff on how to make their courses accessible.

You can contact the ZAB advice team via the central email address and telephone number. The team will be able to answer initial questions or arrange an appointment with the relevant body or contact person.


Tel.: +49 (521) 106 - 12 600


Contact points for students

Contact points for students University representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses

Since November 2020, Mr Michael Johannfunke has been the University's representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses. He is the main contact person for current students or those wishing to study at Bielefeld University with disabilities or chronic illnesses. You can contact Mr Johannfunke directly, especially if you have questions concerning your studies – such as making an application for compensation for disadvantages – or if a conflict situation arises with a member of the teaching staff or the University administration.


General and psychosocial student counselling

The Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) provides counselling and advice to all students on all aspects of studying at the University.

Unit for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses (RSB)

The student body, represented by AStA (student Union) also offers a point of contact for students and prospective students with disabilities in the form of the Autonomous Unit for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses (RSB).

In addition to representing the interests of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the RSB gives students a platform to share information and experiences in all areas related to studying with disabilities.

Contact point for employees

Representative Body for Severely Disabled Employees (SBV)

The Representative Body for Severely Disabled Employees is an elected staff body that represents severely disabled employees or those persons who deemed to have the same status as a severely disabled person by the Federal Employment Agency. The legal basis is SGB IX (Book XI of the German social code) and the SBV is responsible for all status groups of employees at the University.


Tel: +49 (0) 521 106 - 4201

Please visit the webpages of the SBV for further information.


Counselling service for employees and management


The counselling service is available to employees and managers at Bielefeld University. It is voluntary and bound by confidentiality.

Further services

Health Management

Another contact point is the health management service at Bielefeld University


The University group LiLiGoesMental focuses on raising awareness and destigmatising the interwoven issues surrounding mental health within a university context. For this purpose, various platforms are offered on a regular basis in which participants can discuss topics such as stress, exam anxiety and mental illness.

An important aspect of LiliGoesMental’s work is to help those affected realise that they are not alone with their problems and difficulties, and to encourage people to share their experiences with one another at the University. LiLiGoesMental is not a counselling service, but is happy to refer those seeking advice to an appropriate support service to the best of its knowledge and understanding.

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