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  • Accessibility Service

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Contact / About us

The ZAB is the central point of contact for all issues relating to accessibility and the active participation of people with disabilities or chronic illnesses at Bielefeld University. The ZAB offers expertise

• on accessible and diversity-sensitive university development

• in digital accessibility

• for prospective students, students and lecturers on studying with disabilities or chronic illnesses

• for employees and managers on employment with disabilities or chronic illnesses


The ZAB newsletter keeps you up to date. We report at irregular intervals on all the latest news about working and studying with disabilities, chronic or mental illness, Accessibility and ZAB projects.

Team of the ZAB

  • das team sitzt gemeinsam auf einem grünen Sitzmöbel
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld


    An inclusive and diverse team will provide you with competent advice on many aspects of equal opportunities and accessibility when studying and working at Bielefeld University. We will answer your questions or refer you to the appropriate contact points depending on the topic. With our expertise and a strong network, we overcome barriers together.

  • Portrait M. Johannfunke
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Michael Johannfunke

    Computer scientist

    Confidant of severely disabled people, representative for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, coordinator of the ZAB

    Strategic thinker and competent developer of custom-fit solutions for every possible barrier. He is extensively networked and always well informed. Listens to people and advocates for lived accessibility around the clock

  • Portrait Melanie Moor
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Melanie Moor

    Educational scientist (M.A), bank clerk

    Advisor for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

    Answers all advising questions and provides support in word and deed. She knows from her own studies stumbling blocks on campus and in the module handbook. Accompanies students in overcoming barriers.

  • Portrait Markus Paulußen
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Dr. Markus Paulußen

    Doctor of art history, photographer

    Accessibility consultant

    Man of the Internet. He competently implements accessible websites and has an eye for design. Illustrates and packages Accessibility in a wide variety of media.

  • Portrait Dustin Matzel
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Dustin Matzel

    Computer scientist, Intelligent Systems (M.Sc.)

    Project digital accessibility in studies and teaching, team leader UniMaps.

    Is constantly improving digital accessibility at the university. Develops new tools and accompanies digital teaching. Knows UniMaps inside and out and guides students in its further development.

  • Portrait Konstanze Rosenbaum
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Konstanze Rosenbaum

    Sociologist, Global Political Studies (M.A.)

    Consultant to the representative of severely disabled people

    The analytical head of the team. She develops the right content for everyone and has a scientific eye for Accessibility. Knows exactly how to implement the Diversity Action Plan.

  • Portrait Anika Voigt
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Anika Voigt

    Social worker and educationalist (M.A.)

    Project Studienstart Barrier-Free, Peer Mentoring.

    Breaks down barriers and builds events. Brings mentors and mentees together and supports them during the start of their studies. Organizes and plans around barrier-free studies.

  • Portrait Muriel Pundsack
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Muriel Pundsack

    Sociologist and educationalist (B.A)

    Project Care Treasures

    Extends ZAB's range of topics to include the concerns of informal caregivers. She develops media concepts for barrier-free visual preparation of information. Lends her voice to the ZAB for videos.

  • Portait Ayten Tüfekci
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Ayten Tüfekci

    Computer scientist and computer linguist (B.A.)

    DACHS project


  • Potrait Kim Althoff

    Kim Althoff

    Educationalist (M.A)

    Project SHUFFLE

  • Portrait Jutta Bautz
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Jutta Bautz

    Office clerk

    1st deputy of the representative of the severely disabled people.

    Knows everyone and everything at the university. She accompanies job interviews, takes part in committee meetings and takes care of contractual matters. Always has an open ear and chocolate for her colleagues.

  • Porträt Valérie Wittek
    © ZAB - Universität Bielefeld

    Valérie Wittek

    Master of Arts in the subject "History, Economics and Philosophy of Science"

    Project "Competence Centre for Digital Accessibility in Higher Education Administration.NRW"


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