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  • Accessible Services (ZAB)

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Baby changing, rest and breastfeeding rooms

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Separate rooms have been set up in the university buildings for people who need to rest for health reasons, for nursing mothers or mothers-to-be, and for caring fathers. They are freely accessible and can be locked from the inside. As a precaution, users who use the rest rooms for health reasons should inform a trusted person of their absence before going to a rest room.

The rooms are open between 8.00 and 20.00. (Outside these hours, the rooms can be opened by the security service - 0521 106-3277).

Baby-changing, breastfeeding and resting room

D4 – 111

Y – 00 – 102

Breastfeeding and resting room

Z1 – 120

R.2 Z2-105

Baby changing and breastfeeding rooms

D0 - 130
U3 - 154
X-F1-219 (Universitätsbibliothek)

Parent-child room

C1 - 127 (Universitätsbibliothek)

Baby-changing facilities

C1 - 130/132 (University library)
T0 - 157
T0 - 151
Q1 - 169
Z0 - 201
Z1 - 201
Z2 - 201
Z3 - 201

R.2 Z0-101 with nursing shower couch
R.2 Z1-101
R.2 Z2-101
R.2 Z3-101
R.2 Z4-101 with nursing shower couch (think it was the fourth floor)


Orientierungstafel an den Fahrstühlen
© Universität Bielefeld

The library also offers relaxing couches for free use. These may be used in the subject libraries in the main university building in sections C to E and T to V - in the designated areas.

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