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  • Accessibility Services

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Project leader

Michael Johannfunke

Michael Johannfunke

Koordinator der ZAB, Vertrauensperson der schwerbehinderten Menschen und Beauftragter der Studierenden mit Behinderung und chronischer Erkrankung

+49 521 106-4201

Project staff

Kim Helen Althoff

Kim Helen Althoff

SHUFFLE - Universities Digital Accessibility for All Initiative

+49 521 106-86748
UHG T6-204

University Initiative Digital Accessibility for All

Logo ShuffleSHUFFLE is a collaborative project funded by the Foundation for Innovation in Higher Education. In collaboration, Bielefeld University, Stuttgart Media University, and the Universities of Education in Heidelberg and Freiburg are developing a package of measures to enable equal opportunity participation in digital teaching for all.

The focus of the work is on students with individual needs. These include students with disabilities and/or chronic and mental illnesses (permanent needs), students with care activities (temporary needs), and students with exam nerves (situational needs).

The work of the ZAB in the project

The ZAB team collaborates centrally on the following tasks:

  • Developing and conducting a needs assessment of students and teaching staff, instructors, lectures through interviews and surveys.
  • Developing a maturity model for analyzing, measuring and evaluating digital accessibility at Universities
  • Develop guidance documents for implementing digital accessibility at Universities
  • Supporting teaching staff, instructors, lectures in creating accessible learning materials
  • Analysis of the Accessibility of Moodle as well as development of a sample course as a template for teaching staff, instructors, lectures

Further information about the SHUFFLE project can be found on the SHUFFLE homepage.

ACCESS - A project within a project

© ZAB - Bielefeld University

For the analysis of learning management systems such as Moodle, a testing tool for testing learning space management systems for Accessibility is being developed as part of a student project at the University of Bielefeld.

10 teams consisting of 8-12 students compete against each other in the development of the tool. In the end, the best testing tool will be selected at the award ceremony at the end of the Summer semester 2022 and the winning team will win a cash prize for the best idea and implementation.

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