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Toolbox Health Literacy Interventions in Childhood and Adolescence (Tool-HLCA)

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  • 03/2018-02/2021

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Brief description

In the second HLCA funding phase, the Tool-HLCA sub-project is concerned with the question of how to promote the health literacy of children and young people in Germany. Two central components are a research of existing programmes and strategies and the development of a method box (toolbox) to promote health literacy. The target group focuses on school-aged children (grades 7 and 8) in German schools.

Project description

The Tool-HLCA sub-project focuses on the question of how to promote the health literacy of children and young people in Germany..

The sub-project includes extensive research of existing strategies, programmes and measures for the target group and the analysis of these with selected quality criteria. The overall project goal is to develop a toolbox for the promotion of health literacy in childhood and adolescence. Central components of theproject are:

  1. the results of the inventory and the evaluation of available health literacy programmes and strategies for children and adolescents;
  2. concrete assistance and recommendations for the planning, implementation and evaluation of interventions to promote health literacy in the target group.

The toolbox is particularly aimed at various actors in research and practice. The toolbox can therefore be used as a 'building block' with user-friendly methods and support for the promotion of health literacy among school-aged children in Germany. In this context the mandatory media literacy framework for classroom teaching in German schools as well as curricular guidelines are considered and thus the strengthening of health literacy can be effectively integrated.

The Tool-HLCA sub-project builds on the research work of the predecessor project 'TeCoMo' (first HLCA funding phase 2015-18): the findings on the conceptual understanding of health literacy in childhood and adolescence provide the conceptual basis for Tool-HLCA. In the HLCA network, Tool-HLCA works very closely with the other subprojects, as the projects benefit from each other both during implementation and during the dissemination of the results.

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