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Digital teaching in medicine

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Sina Dorothee Blome

Sina Dorothee Blome

Modulkoordinatorin | Referentin für digitale Lehre

+49 521 106-67461
Gebäude Z Z3

Digitalisation has become increasingly important in recent years. Teaching at the Medical School OWL is not exempt from this development.

Nowadays, learning materials can be easily communicated to students via learning management systems, and communication takes place regardless of time and place. The Medical School OWL uses Moodle for this purpose. Traditional face-to-face teaching is supplemented by online and hybrid formats using theZoom software and theDTEN boards as an all-in-one video conferencing solution.

Student holding a tablet on which a digital learning space is displayed as a platform.
Bielefeld University

All of these innovations offer a great deal of potential for making teaching more interactive and targeted. However, it is important that the technologies are used in a didactically sensible way and not as a substitute, but as a supplement to classroom teaching.

On this page you will therefore find some information and assistance on all aspects of digital and hybrid teaching. If you require further advice on didactic or application-related questions in digital teaching, please contact Sina Blome.

Information and support for digital and hybrid teaching

Information on digital services and applications

An overview of digital applications and login processes at the Medical School OWL can be found here.

Edit to the video: (0:56/16:06) From the winter semester 2023/2024, we will no longer use LernraumPlus at the Medical School OWL, but Moodle. To do this, log in via "Registration with university access" (selection: Bielefeld University) and then enter your BITS login data. The LernraumPlus functions described in the video also apply to the Moodle rooms.

(3:23) To independently generate your BIS approval, you can now enter your date of birth in addition to your Uni-ID to verify your identity.

BITS login details

You will usually receive your BITS login details by email as part of the onboarding process. This email has the subject "IDM login information".

You will receive your initial password via the onboarding email, which you can use to register on the PRISMA portal of Bielefeld University. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to assign an individual password. Please pay attention to the required complexity of the new password.

If you have forgotten your password for the BITS services, you can select "Reset password" on the PRISMA login screen. Alternatively, you can go directly to the password reset here.

BIS login data

You can then generate your BIS login data yourself in the password self-service.

With your BITS login data you have approval for the WLAN network"eduroam".


Please enter your login details in the following format:

Login name: (e.g.

Password: BITS password


Alternatively, the open WLAN network"Bi-free" is available to you for a project duration of 60 minutes. After that, the connection will be terminated and you will have to register again.

Your lectures (face-to-face and online) are usually accompanied by teaching support. If you do not require this, please let us know.

For other types of events (e.g. seminars), support will only be provided in exceptional cases, provided you notify Sina Blome in good time.

Usage scenarios of the Moodle room

In the Moodle room, you can upload materials, communicate with students or create interactive content.

In particular, the slides for your courses should be uploaded here so that students can use them for preparation and follow-up work. Your asynchronously recorded lectures can also be found here.

Overview of your own Moodle rooms

The Medical School OWL has one Moodle room per module (theory, KDH, WDH) per cohort. You can find an overview of the Moodle rooms you are a member of under "My courses". If you need approval for a Moodle room that you are not yet a member of, please contact Sina Blome and ask for approval.

Which Moodle room belongs to my course?

If you are unsure in which Moodle room you can upload the documents from one of your courses, go to the corresponding course in the electronic course catalogue (ekvv). Here you will find the direct link to the Moodle room belonging to the course under"Content, comment".


For an introduction to using the Moodle room, please contact Sina Blome.

Various Zoom rooms are available for your online courses. There is one Zoom room per module and seminar group for the duration of the current semester.

An overview of the existing Zoom rooms will be sent to you as a PDF document by email by Sina Blome or via your teaching coordinator before the start of a module. Please save this carefully.

Click on the Zoom access link to go directly to the meeting and share your screen. In exceptional cases, you will be asked for a password; this can also be found in the PDF document.

You have the option of integrating the DTEN board into your face-to-face events at the Medical School OWL. The DTEN boards were developed as an all-in-one solution for hybrid video conferencing.

The functions range from using the whiteboard as a blackboard, live labelling of your PowerPoint slides to the connection of hybrid participating students.

This video tutorial explains the functions and operation of the DTEN board.

For an individual introduction on site, please contact Sina Blome.

In the Panopto video platform, you can upload or record videos, then edit them and share them in the Moodle space.

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