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  • Presentations at schools

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Presentations at Schools

If you are interested in having a professor visit your school to give a lecture on a physics topic, please get in touch with Dr. Michaela Schulz. You are welcome to make requests for topics. The following list provides examples of some student-friendly lectures that have already been given at schools:

  • What is the universe made of? Prof. Dr. D. Schwarz
  • What is light? - From classical waves to quantum optics, Prof. Dr. W. Pfeiffer
  • The most precise clocks in the world, Prof. Dr. W. Pfeiffer
  • Modern microelectronics, Prof. Dr. G. Reiss
  • Insights into the nanoscopic - How to measure a billionth of a meter, Prof. Dr. G. Reiss
  • Watching individual biomolecules at work: Biophysics between basic research and medical application, Prof. Dr. D. Anselmetti
  • Nanotechnology in electronics, mechanics, and medicine, Prof. Dr. A. Gölzhäuser


  • Light and matter,  Prof. Dr. A. Gölzhäuser
  • Physics and biomedicine: How to hunt for pathogens with optics, Prof. Dr. T. Huser
  • The "force" of light: Manipulating and imaging biological processes under the microscope, Prof Dr. T. Huser
  • The standard model of particle physics, Prof. Dr. Dietrich Bödeker

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