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  • Astroparticles, Cosmology & Gravity

    Comparison of cosmological models
    © Universität Bielefeld / Dominik Schwarz

News, events and public

Open postdoc position (deadline July 23, 2023)

Stellar Migration from Andromeda (picked up by New Scientist)

17. Kosmologietag ZiF, Bieledfeld, June 1-2, 2023

High Energy Physics Seminar

Physics Colloquium

BOOK NOW: COSMOfit -- a cooperation with Hochschule Bielefeld and Wissenswerkstadt Bielefeld

BOOK NOW: Universe on Tour, Bielefeld, September 6 - 10, 2023

Wissenschaftsjahr 2023: Our Universe

Physik am Samstag:
Eine kurze Geschichte des Universums (Dominik Schwarz)
Universität Bielefeld | Hörsaal 6 | 18. März 2023 | 10:00

Science on Stage:
Ein Quark kommt niemals allein - Elemetarteilchenphysik in der Schule (Teachers + Scientists)
Thomas Sawatzky (Gesamtschule Hüllhorst) and Dominik Schwarz


Astroparticle Physics

Equation of state in the early universe
Equation of state in the early universe © Bödeker, Kühnel, Oldengott, Schwarz

What is dark matter?

Are there sterile neutrinos and how to find them?

Are there relics of cosmic phase transitions?


Estimation of cosmological parameters from supernovae type Ia data.
Estimation of cosmological parameters from supernova type Ia data © Horstmann, Pietschke, Schwarz.

Does the cosmological principle apply?

What is the dark energy?

How do supermassive black holes form?


History of gravitational wave frequency for binary black holes for different gravity models.
Gravitational waves of binary black holes for different gravity models © Hölscher, Schwarz.

What ar the limits of general relativity?

Are all fields minimally coupled?

What is missing for a theory of quantum gravity?


Active Grants:

  • CRC-TR 211 Strong interaction matter under extreme conditions (DFG)
  • PUNCH4NFDI Particles, Universe, NuClei and Hadrons for NFDI (DFG)
  • B3D Big Bang to Big Data (MKW-NRW)
  • ErUM-IFT Information Field Theory for Experiments at Large Research Infrastructures (BMBF ErUM-Data)
  • D-MeerKAT-II A German Contribution to the Advancement of Radio Astronomy at Centimetre Wavelengths (BMBF ErUM-Pro)
  • D-LOFAR2.0 Enabling radio astronomy at lowest frequencies (BMBF ErUM-Pro)


Prof. Dr. Dietrich Bödeker

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Bödeker

+49 521 106-6216
Telephone secretary
+49 521 106-6223
+49 521 106-2961
UHG E6-136

Prof. Dr. Dominik Schwarz

Prof. Dr.  Dominik Schwarz

+49 521 106-6226
Telephone secretary
+49 521 106-6223
+49 521 106-2961
UHG E6-139


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