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  • M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy


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M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

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The Master's program M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills for the diagnosis, treatment and examination of mental disorders. It is a prerequisite for the state examination for licensure as a psychotherapist. In the sense of a science-practitioner model, the program strives for a close link between scientific work and clinical-psychological practice.

More information about the study program

The aim of the program is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to treat and research mental disorders. With the two components "university-based teaching" and "practical professional assignments", a scientific and practical education is made possible, in which an integration of both aspects in the sense of a science-practitioner model is strived for. Practical methods and procedures are to be scientifically scrutinized, and science is to be reflected from the direct experience of practical possibilities and necessities.

On a scientific basis, we want to provide you with the competencies required for independent, self-reliant and comprehensive psychotherapeutic care for patients of all ages. At the same time, we want to create the basis for you to be able to participate scientifically in the further development of psychotherapy as a psychotherapist. The program thus qualifies students for the state examination (license to practice) in psychotherapy as well as for doctoral studies in psychology and related disciplines.

In the Bielefeld design of the program, special attention is paid to the aspect of diversity. With three independent professorships, all areas of psychotherapy (children and adolescents, adults, and neuropsychological psychotherapy) are covered in a sound scientific and practical manner. It is the aspiration of the study program to do justice to the diversity of patients with regard to all characteristics (age, gender, biographical background, life situation, religion, sexual orientation, culture, etc.) in the provision of care by also reflecting on creative ways of reducing individual barriers to access to psychotherapy.

In the first two semesters, you will learn the basics of psychotherapy, diagnostics, assessment, and clinical psychological research in an application-oriented manner. In the third and fourth semesters, the focus is on practical assignments as part of your professional qualification in the outpatient clinics of the university and the cooperating clinics, as well as the master's thesis and preparation for the licensing examination.

The clinical psychology focus of the degree program offers you an overview of the fundamentals of psychotherapy as well as an in-depth understanding of individual disorders and procedures, taking into account the current state of research. It also allows you to set individual foci from the offerings Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of Childhood and Adolescence, and Clinical Neuropsychology and Psychotherapy.

In practical seminars and therapy simulations, you will acquire competencies in psychotherapeutic work with patients* across the age range. This knowledge is expanded through practical assignments in the outpatient and inpatient care of patients, and these practical experiences are supplemented by in-depth seminars and events of supervision and self-reflection.

Through the broadly based clinical infrastructure (psychotherapeutic university outpatient clinics), we offer close-meshed support, especially during the phase of practical qualification.

  • Link university outpatient clinics (to be published)

This is enriched by close networking with local inpatient psychotherapeutic and psychiatric facilities.

  • Link cooperation clinics (to be published)

A total of 80 study places will be offered in the winter semester 24/25. The program can only be taken up in the winter semester.

As a graduate, you will find your field of work both in clinical psychological research and in the care of patients. The program fulfills all requirements of the licensing regulations of the Psychotherapist Training Reform Act. After successfully passing the licensing examination, students have the opportunity to pursue further training as a specialist psychotherapist.

Due to the strong scientific orientation of the program, you will also be qualified for a doctorate. The Faculty of Psychology and Sport Sciences promotes further scientific qualification and offers suitable applicants optimal conditions to pursue their own research interests. The corresponding positions for research assistants are regularly advertised at the university.

Further information on doctoral studies can be found here.

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