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  • International Mentoring Programme

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International Mentoring Programme

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International Mentoring Programme

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This programme is a great support, so you can manage your studies better here.

Student from Chile

The programme contributed to my well-being at the university and in Bielefeld. Just being able to turn to someone was very pleasant.

Student from the Czech Republic

Starting university marks the start date of a new phase in your life, which brings with it several challenges. As a rule, you move to a new place and have to find a new flat. Students have to reorient themselves in the city and in a complex educational institution and look for contacts, friends and support. Moving to another country and switching to a second language at the same time can make this orientation phase more interesting, but also more difficult.

The International Mentoring Programme aims to support international students by providing them with mentors from all subjects who can offer support in everyday life and studies.

  • develop contact with students from higher semesters
  • know someone who can show you around the university and the city
  • having a contact person for questions about your studies and the university
  • knowing who to ask, where the post office is, the citizens' advice centre, a good doctor, the nearest bank and the nicest pub in town
  • to know where to go when you feel homesick or bored
  • improve your language skills

When you leave your home country to study abroad, you not only leave behind friends and family, but also have to overcome a number of challenges. To help you settle in at university, the programme provides mentors. These are students at Bielefeld University who will support you during your first semester and may be able to answer questions or give you tips before you arrive.

All students who have been granted admission to a degree programme or language course at Bielefeld University can participate. This also applies to students who are doing an internship at Bielefeld University or a language assistantship at a school.

You can simply register online.

No, participation in the programme is free of charge.

Would you like to take part?

Become a mentee and find your mentor!

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