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Julia Katharina Saatkamp

Kommissarische Abteilungsleitung

+49 521 106-5180
UHG N6-120

Digital Learning Lab

Within the framework of BiLinked, the Communities of Practice (CoP) can take advantage of all the offerings in the Digital Learning Lab and at the same time help shape the offerings in a forward-looking way.

They have access to a professionally designed Making Media Space with extensive infrastructural options on the topics of making and media.

The premises and technologies are just as diverse as the possibilities for use and support.

In addition to the Making Media Space, the Digital Learning Lab also includes various Flex Learning Sites spread across the campus. Starting with a Flex Room and various Co-Learning Spaces (opening in December 2022), additional flex learning sites will be identified and made available to Digital Learning Lab users as part of BiLinked.

The Digital Learning Verse stands for a digital accompanying offer, which is a virtual supplement to the other components in the Digital Learning Lab (Media Making Space, Flex Learning Sites, Create - Participate - Share) and is completely elaborated within the BiLinked project.

In addition, the Digital Learning Lab offers a wide range of participation, design and cooperation opportunities for individual users, but also for departments, working groups, projects, etc.

Those BiLinked actors who would like to actively shape the DLL are given the opportunity to implement their plans via low-threshold participation offerings or to integrate the formats created in the CoPs into the DLL and share them with other users.

  • The Digital Learning Lab (DLL) is a comprehensive support network at Bielefeld University for digital and media-practical teaching/learning scenarios and offers associated infrastructure for collaboration and project work, including diverse participation opportunities.
  • The DLL includes physical infrastructures (Making Media Space, Flex Learning Sites, etc.).
  • The DLL includes a Digital Learning Verse in the sense of a digital support offering with direct links to the physical infrastructure
  • The DLL offers a wide range of participation, design and cooperation opportunities for departments, working groups, projects, etc.
  • Development of an overall concept for the Digital Learning Lab with the involvement of various stakeholders.
  • Extension of the Making Media Space by the Modules:
    • 3D scan, 3D print
    • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Games
    • Sound Lab
    • Programming, Coding, Data
    • Micro Computing, Robotics
  • Identify Flex Learning Sites for integration into the overall concept:
  • Build the Digital Learning Verse with the work packages:
    • Online portal
    • Opening of the learning platforms
    • Projectboard
    • Workspace Reservation
  • Creating connecting points for a variety of actors at the university:
    • Participate - CoPs have the possibility to plan and organize events within the framework of the DLL, as well as to conduct workshops, makeathons, etc. in the DLL or to offer them to other users in the DLL.
    • Share - CoPs can link thematically to the DLL by making their own offers available for the DLL and offering them to users within this framework.
    • Create - in exchange formats, the offers in the DLL are constantly developed further, potentials are worked out and changes are suggested.
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