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Uni-ID im BIS

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What is the Uni-ID?

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Every member of the university has a personal ID with which he or she can be uniquely identified in the various IT services. The BIS applications are connected to each other and also to other services via interfaces and the Uni.ID is used to transfer personal details and keep them congruent in various services (e.g. when switching from the electronic course catalogue (ekvv) to the learning room. In some IT services, the Uni.ID is also required for registration: Overview of approvals

In BIS we need the Uni.ID of the employees so that an approval can be created automatically, which is then collected via the self-service.

Where can I find my Uni-ID?

For students, the UniID is the same as the matriculation number. You will receive it with your enrolment information (e.g. in the "First steps" email that you receive directly after enrolment) and as an imprint on your student ID card ("Uni-Card").

Employees can find their Uni-ID on their employee ID card ("Uni-Card") and after registration at the PEVZ on the "My personal details " page under "My data".

If you are not an employee of the university and are not enrolled as a student, but still need approval for BIS services (e.g. learning spaces, LernräumePlus), an external account can be created for you in exceptional cases. You will also be assigned a Uni-ID for this. Here is a description of how approval for BIS for external users works.

I don't have a Uni-ID (or I can't find it)

If you are displayed in a BIS service that you do not have a Uni.ID, this is usually because the synchronisation of the various IT services failed when you created your account. This can happen if different dates of birth were entered in the systems involved, there is a typing error in a name component, or the entire name (e.g. with two first names) was entered in one system and only a first name in the other. In this case, you can contact campus support and tell them your date of birth and we will initiate the synchronisation manually.

If you need your Uni.ID but cannot find it, you can use your BIS approval to view your Uni.ID in the PEVZ on the "My personal details" page. If you do not (or no longer) know your BIS access, simply start the self-service for BIS access and select your date of birth instead of the (unknown) Uni-ID during verification. You will then receive a login name and password to access your personal details.

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