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First steps in campus management

Campus Support Map
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First steps in campus management

Once enrolment is completed, it is time to take the first steps at the university. This includes the most important settings in the IT applications that are important for organising everyday study life:

Matriculation number and password

In order to enrol at Bielefeld University, an application is first necessary, which is currently carried out in different ways - depending on which degree programme is chosen (here you will find a description of the different procedures).

Students who have enrolled online via the application and status portal are provided with the so-called "Control sheet for online enrolment" as a PDF document in the portal, on which the semester fee to be paid, the bank details for the payment of the semester fees, as well as the (future) matriculation number are noted. Students whose enrolment has been made by other means will receive this information by post. As soon as the semester fee has been booked, the application access expires. From now on, you need to login with the new matriculation number and the corresponding password. You must  now use the "Student login" link in the application and status portal.

As soon as your enrolment is completed, you will receive an email with your matriculation number and information for your student login.


Login for the first time

If you are registering for the first time, you will need a password to go with your matriculation number. This can be retrieved from the PRISMA portal via the "Reset password" link. The new password will then be sent to the email address that was used for the application.

Use the combination of matriculation number and password to log in to the PRISMA portal to change the password sent to you into a personal password.

The password for electronic course catalogue (ekvv) and BIS examination management can be found in the list of services under the name "Web-Passwort (Shibboleth)". It is advisable to set up a common password for the various services so that it remains clearer.

If you have already been enrolled at Bielefeld University, you will receive your old matriculation number again for subsequent studies. The matriculation number and the last valid password will be used for registration. If you no longer remember your old password, you can get a new one from the PRISMA portal and change it to a personal password


Passwords and central settings for IT services

Screenshot PRISMA home page
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You can also log in to the PRISMA portal with your access data. In addition to password management, you will find your personal BITS login name ("BITS user name"), important settings for your various university IT services and your personal university email address in PRISMA

There you can manage your passwords for the various IT services (e.g. WLAN, email, pool PCs) and change your initial password to a personal password. You will find the password for electronic course catalogue (eKVV) and examination management in the list of services under the name "Web-Password (Shibboleth)".

Please also upload a photo for the "UniCard" (your student ID, see next paragraph) in the PRISMA portal.

If you would like a name other than your "ID card name" to be displayed for you in the various IT services, you can set a call name in PRISMA. To do this, please follow the instructions on this help page: Maintaining call names.

Further notes on the first steps in the PRISMA portal are explained in this FAQ collection.


The UniCard is a multifunctional, electronically readable ID card in credit card format. The card is used as a student ID, to borrow books, pay in the university canteen or as a semester ticket. Occasional students receive a UniCard with weakened functions. This card can only be used to use the library and pay in the university canteen and does not include a semester ticket.

How to get your UniCard

eKVV and study information

Your degree programme is shown in the study information pages. If you register here, the degree programmes for which you are enrolled will be displayed directly: My study information. There you will find both the study contents sorted by Modules and the respective persons to contact in the Faculty if you have questions or need advice. In the List of modules you will also find information on which courses should be attended in the first semester.

There are introductory events for all subjects for first-year students, in which the subject is introduced and organisational questions such as drawing up the first timetable are discussed. The dates can be found on this page in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV): Introductory and Orientation Courses

In the following semesters, you will introduce yourself according to the information in the study information in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) by adding the courses that interest you to your timetable by clicking on the save symbol. Students in the degree programme "Medicine/State exam(ination)" do not compile their timetable themselves, but receive their timetable from the Faculty.

Help pages for working with the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) can be found here: electronic course catalogue (eKVV) for students

"MyUni" Portal

The "MyUni" portal offers students a practical "entrance door" to the various IT services of the university and bundles the most important support and information pages for organising everyday life at the university. After registration with the matriculation login, you can find customised information here (on your own degree programme, your own dates from the electronic course catalogue (ekvv), for the current study phase).

The "MyUni" portal can be configured into an individual "university home page" tailored to your own needs by means of a favourites function on the one hand and by hiding information you do not need on the other.

Click here to go directly to registration: "MyUni".

"MyUni" App

In the "MyUni" app, students and staff can find the most important services for organising teaching and studying.

The app does not replace the use of desktop applications, because the timetable, study information and examination management still offer more functions and information than can be used on a smaller mobile device. However, as a daily companion for everyday university life, the app is designed to provide the most important personal information in a compact and quickly available form.

Further information about the app:

Application and status portal

You can now log in to the application and status portal to view and print out your semester certificate, for example. Please be sure to use the login link for enrolled students on the portal; the application access has become invalid with your enrolment.

Here you will find further help on how to use the application and status portal.

Semester ticket

Students can download the NRW semester ticket on the online ticket shop NRW. This service does not apply to students with an enrolment as an occasional student.

Siggi rental bike offer

Bikes for hire in front of the university

In addition to the semester ticket, it is possible to use the 'Siggi' rental bikes at a reduced rate; the code required for this can be accessed via the electronic course catalogue (eKVV ).

Contact and Support

Do you have any further questions?

We wish you a good start to the semester!

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