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Set common name in PRISMA (students)

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Common name for employees

Employees must have a call name change made in the PEVZ.
-> Go to instructions.

Change email address

If a new e-mail address is also required after the call name has been changed, this must be applied for separately.
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In the PRISMA portal, it is possible to set a call name as the first name. This can be done, for example, if a double name is entered in the master data, but only one of them is to be displayed in university-wide portals/systems.

The call name is automatically displayed in the following connected systems as a result of the change:

  • BIS/eKVV (exception: examination management).
  • Learning room & Learning roomPlus
  • E-exams
  • Web authentication/Shibboleth (Zoom, Panopto, sciebo, ...)
  • Library loan account
  • UniCard - further information can be found here.



Instruction with example

In the following example, the student Fred-Sven Muster wants to set only Sven as his call name.


Open the website Log in with your UniID/Matriculation number and password.


Click on My data in the menu and enter the desired name in the Call name field. Then click on Save at the bottom.


If the call name was set successfully, this message is displayed.


Now the name "Sven Muster" is displayed in the connected systems (see above), the synchronization takes place in the direction of BIS/eKVV only in the following night. In the case of systems connected via Shibboleth - e.g. Zoom - the change is not transferred until the next login.

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