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Teaching and Learning Spaces of the Future

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Dr. Meike Vogel


+49 521 106-12725
Telephone secretary
+49 521 106-12731
Gebäude X E1-240
Visualization of a teaching and learning room with different room elements (seating groups, tables, blackboards, walls, devices), marked in different colors
© Regina Mamedov

"The requirements for university construction are currently changing, not only in view of the developments in research, studies and teaching as well as other university activities that have been pointed out, but also due to the increasing importance that an orientation of public action towards sustainable development is gaining"(Wissenschaftsrat, 2022).

The University is undergoing an ongoing and large-scale remodeling process, as can be witnessed on campus.

In preparation for the 3rd construction phase, a participatory process on the needs of future users of teaching and learning spaces is being initiated under the leadership of Dr. Meike Vogel from the Centre for Teaching and Learning [ZLL].

The central goal is to develop a concrete vision for innovative teaching and learning space design at Bielefeld University. The aim is to develop future-oriented and sustainable room design options that take digitality into account and, above all, focus on the flexibility of teaching and learning spaces.

The project will also focus on the sustainable use of space. This is to be achieved by ensuring that the new construction of the teaching and learning spaces can be adjusted as flexible as possible to the different needs of the users. In the sense of agile further development and flexible usage options of teaching and learning spaces, the topic of sustainability should be taken into account as much as possible. Rooms should not only be able to represent one possible usage scenario, but should also be able to be redesigned for various scenarios without much effort, in order to use as few resources as possible, e.g., in terms of construction or space.

The flex seminar room , which was newly designed for the winter semester 2022/23, will be used to gather and evaluate experience with flexible usage scenarios in regular teaching operations. The knowledge gained, particularly with regard to collaborative and project-based work, as well as opportunities for social interaction in the teaching and learning process, will be incorporated into the new room concepts.

The project has already started and will run until the end of 2023.

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